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Beyond Ynth Review

Beyond Ynth is the sequel to the iPhone puzzle game ‘Ynth’, in which you had to take the Ladybird Kribl from one side of the screen to the other by navigating through maze like objects and avoiding falling haphazards. Beyond Ynth is very much the same, albeit it with a much sleeker presentation.

Kribl can walk left and right, jump and push objects to manoeuvre through the levels. Part of the puzzle is figuring out how to get Kribl, with his small jumping range, through the maze type objects by flipping 90 degrees at a time, if you’re not careful it is very easy to find yourself trapped at the bottom of the maze having to restart the level again.

As you tilt the mazes 90 degrees and try and manoeuvre through the level, gravity is another factor that you have to contend with: boxes, lava and acorns are just some the hazards that have to be avoided to navigate through the maze, this adds another challenge within the game to keep you on your toes.

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Beyond Ynth is a game that’s difficulty level is so sporadic and varied, that you can have a simple puzzle that can be done in 30 seconds and then bang….. a puzzle that can have you scratching your head or even pulling your hair out in frustration. Another cause of this is the collectibles, which also coincidentally are the only new major feature apart from visuals I could find between Beyond Ynth and it’s predecessor. The collectible diamonds are easy to spot but the same can’t be said for retrieving them, the story goes that you, as the ladybird Kribl, are fighting the spiders who have taken all of the light from the kingdom, but the collectibles are not required and don’t fit into the story, often placing you in severe danger and taking many risks to get them. Completionists will want the collectibles and they do offer some replay value, however on the harder levels I found myself not bothering with them as it was hard enough just to complete the level.

Beyond Ynth suffers from it’s flailing difficulty level, some puzzles will have you drooling in boredom and others will have you crying in frustration. It’s not a gradual curve: the difficulty really is that random. If the game had some more consistency, it would be more enjoyable. Beyond Ynth is basically a more aesthetically appealing version of Ynth: looks pretty and can be fun, but it’s lack of rhythm leaves it ultimately unrewarding.

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