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2010 Hoiday Game Preview

With the 2010 holiday shopping season edging its way closer and closer, game developers have already begun the mad dash to release all the big triple “AAA” titles we have been waiting for. During this time a lot of my friends ask me what games I will be getting, or should they pick up Medal of Honor or Black Ops. So I thought I would type something up letting everybody know what games I personally am excited about picking up before Santa rolls into town.

First, I want to point out the titles I already have purchased that will be big sellers for the holiday. Of course we have to start with Halo: Reach. An absolutely amazing game with a lengthy, albeit difficult campaign and an extremely addicting multiplayer experience. This is a game that will probably be on every kids X-Mas wish list if they don’t have it already. If you haven’t picked this game up already I want you to push aside that rock you are living under and get your ass to the store promptly.

halo reach 2010 Hoiday Game Preview

More recently, this week in fact I picked up Enslaved and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Now I have to say coming in to this weeks releases I was super excited about Enslaved hitting my 360 disc tray. But after playing both games I was quite surprised to find out the game I just can’t hit the eject button on is Castlevania. The story is so captivating and visual set pieces take your breath away at almost every corner. With a campaign that takes around 24 hours to complete and possibly close to 100 hours required to get full gamerscore, I think it’s safe to say I will be coming back to Castlevania time and time again after the calendar year has ended.

Although I haven’t been able to stop playing Castlevania that’s not to say that Enslaved isn’t a good game because it really is. The graphics and gameplay mechanics in Enslaved are extremely tight. This is a truly gorgeous game that should be enjoyed by all. This game has so many interesting gameplay dynamics that I don’t have time to mention them all in one paragraph, but let’s just say Enslaved is a unique game. If you took Uncharted and put it in a Japanese developers hands this is what you would have gotten, minus the guns because Namco decided to give the games hero, Monkey, a retractable staff to quickly dispatch enemies with fluid melee tactics.

Now that I have gotten those games out of the way, let’s talk about what games I will be picking up in the coming weeks. To start things off we have Medal of Honor, an attempted revamp of the series that looks to move from their traditional setting of World War II into a more modern era with a controversial setting. Medal of Honor (2010) takes place in terrorist ridden Afghanistan in 2002. On the single player side of things you play as three characters. First you have the tier 1 operator, then there is the Army Ranger, and lastly you will spend a third of your time as a gunner on board a helicopter providing support to ground troops below.

Medal of Honor also promises to have a quality multiplayer experience. EA has chosen to have its DICE studio, which are responsible for this years Battlefield: Bad Company 2, develop the multiplayer side of things. While this may sound strange to have one team make the game and have a separate studio working on the multiplayer exclusively I think a lot of people will be surprised once the game is released on October 12th in the U.S. and on Friday the 15th in UK.

If western shooters aren’t your thing and you haven’t picked up Halo or Medal of Honor than you may want to take a look at a little game called Vanquish, developed by SEGA. The Japanese made third person sci-fi shooter promises to be a fast paced and gun toting thrill ride. Taking its inspiration from games like Gears of War, you will notice some similarities between the two. It should be noted however that SEGA has done something very special with the genre and should be noticed by everyone. This game got absolutely zero coverage at E3 and little to no marketing, at least in America. With what could possibly be a sleeper hit for 2010, Vanquish is worth a look from everyone. You can download the demo now for free on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Vanquish hits store shelves October 19th and 22nd in the U.S. and UK respectively.

If you thought the next big game I was going to mention was Black Ops you would be wrong. Because there is a pit stop we must first make on October 26th. Two weeks before the biggest launch in gaming history, I am going to be grabbing Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II as well as Fable III. I personally can’t wait to get cracking on both of these games. I already have a bride to be for Fable, hey Sophie, and I am hoping this game drives home with a heavy story and recovers from what I considered to be an epic fail in Fable II. While part two was good graphically and in the gameplay department the story seemed to lack something. It started off with this amazing cut scene where your sister is murdered and you are left to fend for yourself and then nothing happens. You grow up and level you character through thirty some odd hours of gameplay only to get to a final boss fight that you win by pressing one button and firing a single bullet. Fable III needs to wow me and from what I have heard so far it should.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is the direct sequel to the original game by the same title. We will finally get to find out what happens after Starkiller learned the truth about his past and was thrown away by Darth Vader who chose to stick with Sidius despite the fact that Sid himself tells you to kill Vader. With light sabers akimbo, Jedi mind tricks, and increased Force powers I can’t wait to get a hold of this game.

Alright, finally its time to talk about Call of Duty: Black Ops. Call of Duty (COD) wouldn’t be COD without multiplayer. In an attempt to keep things fresh and fans happy, Black Ops developer Treyarch looked to bring customization to the COD universe. We can finally customize everything from our load out, to our character’s appearance, all the way down to what color the red dot sight is. But at the end of the day it’s still COD and every douche with an internet connection will be playing this game come November 9th. This in my opinion is the downfall of COD. The game is way too accessible and easy to pick up which ruins what otherwise would be a solid multiplayer experience is ruined by twelve year olds hacking servers or just general noob gameplay like camping, using grenade launchers, and sprinting around like a fairy with its wings cut off and not firing a single shot the entire match. So why am I looking forward to Black Ops? Because all these idiots will be playing it, which means I can finally go back and enjoy Modern Warfare 2 for the first time in months. Other than the soon to be failed multiplayer, Reznov and Zombies are back so we can rejoice about that. Fail of Duty: Black Ops will launch world wide on November 9th.

blackops 2010 Hoiday Game Preview

For the 2010 gaming calendar that wraps it up for me. After Black Ops I will be eagerly counting the days until Dead Space 2 in 2011. This has possibly been one of the best years for video games in a long time. There have been dry patches, mainly the summer, but the year started off so well and is finishing on a good note with a slew of Triple A titles coming out. I think its safe say a lot of kids will have a stack of games under the tree this year or if you’re Jewish you could ask for a game for each night. LOL. For reviews on all the games mentioned here and all news leading up to their releases keep checking back here at, part of the wedo network.

Oh and just a quick P.S. If you think I forgot to mention the Kinect I didn’t. It looks like the biggest pile of shit to hit the gaming world since the Virtual Boy and Power Glove. Besides that don’t forget to comment about what games your excited about getting and please feel free to tell me to fuck off if you think I am wrong about something, I love a good debate. Happy Holidays.

Thanks to our web artist Hendy for donating the articles feature picture.

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2010 Hoiday Game Preview, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
  • Andrew

    So true about kinect it = FAIL, medal of honor beta was rubbish, so the only reason i would get it is for the story (rent only). The ohter is Black Ops, what a load of crap story good, multiplayer = full of kids trying to no scope/quick scope you or grenade laucher/rocket you. The game that i most want is that of Dead Space 2 and of course two certain DLCs coming in the next few weeks one is Case West and BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM, will be EPIC.

    P.S GEARS OF WAR 3 BETA oh YEAH, give me that pick lancer :)

  • Hendy

    No problem any time :D

  • Alksfj

    That vanquish games sounds interesting. I may have to look into that.

  • Andrew

    what good work you did their hendy, did not know you had it in ya, or my good friend mr Frank West, would say after taking a good photo, FANNNNNASTIC.

  • Andrew


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