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Hendridge Talks New Signings

I took some time out from reviewing Pantheon and had a chance to chat to Pompey Pirates manager Barry Hendridge about the new signings at the club. For those not aware Soccer Mayhem is an exclusive Machinima series created for this website, so if you love Pro Evo or football games in general and like some generous portions of humor, plus commentary that makes Jim Beglin look like a complete amatuer then check it out! So below are the new signings for the club and of course Barry Hendridge signed himself to play but has asked the critics to do the talking reference his performances. Here is what Barry had to say about the following signings.

Pedro Mendes
Aged 31
Position: Defensive Midfielder

“I bought Pedro to the club because whilst he’s a workhorse he also has the ability to score from direct free kicks and long range. He’s a real battler and whilst his primary focus is defense he can score with some stinging shots. Me and Pedro get on very well, we go to Nandos every week! Pedro will replace Espimas as our main free kick taker at the club”

sahar Hendridge Talks New Signings

Ben Sahar
Aged 21
Position: Centre Forward

“On loan last season but now on a 3 year deal. Ben Sahar is back. He’s a confidence player and i’m sure after a few games we’ll see the best he has to offer. I signed Ben because he’s had a torrid time at the clubs he’s been at for the last three years and I can see his potential. He will grab you a goal from nowhere sometimes that can be a real game changer. I would have re-signed Abdel Salam also but he decided to play in Qatar for stupid money, I heard he died last week in a desert storm, nevermind.”

wardrobe Hendridge Talks New Signings

Papa Boupa Diop
Aged 32
Position: Midfield

“He was uncontracted after Portsmouth hit their financial demise, so I couldn’t resist but tempt him to Pompey Pirates. He maybe 32 but he has three more years left in him, so we penned him on a 3 year deal. Not the best passer of the ball but is aggresive and gives us what we need, a real presence in the middle. Some Fulham fan used to nickname him the Wardrobe, I call him the Magpie because he’s always wearing shiny bling. He’s attracted to it like it has female pheramones on it or something”

Barry Hendridge has promised in next weeks Soccer Mayhem to address everyone on the £53,000,000 cash injection that Pompey Pirates came across since last season. There was speculation that S.Korea Travel one of the clubs sponsors put an advance payment on sponsorship money for the next three years, but Hendridge can reveal that he actually sued FIFA and the F.A over wrongly placing a transfer embargo on the club last year. All will be revealed.

Good signings? Why not sound off in the comments section.

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  • B. K. Melendez

    Excellent signings in my opinion. The midfield with those two bulldogs should provide the back four with much cover in addition to providing the attack with much needed quality going forward. Good to see Sahar back with the club. While the lad can be a bit of a headcase at times, he does know how to finish. For the next transfer window it would be wise to add a decent central defender and maybe release the likes of Fouque and Burchet to cut down on club spending.

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  • wedotech

    Will any of them score on their debuts? We’ll just have to find out

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