Craig Baker On October - 13 - 2010

It’s been a few years since we have been treated to another game in the epic Medal of Honor series, but this week our prayers have been answered as EA and it’s Danger Close studios out of Los Angeles have released the series first attempt at breaking into the modern era of first person shooters. With a hefty marketing campaign taking place over these past months ever since we were teased with the first shots of gameplay during this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the question on everybody’s mind has been, will this be better than call of duty?

Medal of Honor is set in Afghanistan, 2002, during Operation Enduring Freedom. A tough time for a lot of Americans as a lot of people were out for blood following the events of 9/11. To say that most people wanted to see every person wearing pajamas with a beard brought to justice would be a gross understatement. Playing this game I couldn’t help but have those feelings resurface inside of me as I tore through the city streets of such realistic locations like the Kabul city market and finally took out the vengeance other Americans and myself have truly longed for.

In the single player campaign you will play as both a tier 1 operator and as part of the bigger military perspective. Besides the tier 1 operator you will also play as a soldier in the American Army and as an Apache helicopter gunner, fighting on a larger scale than the tier 1 campaign.

Most of the combat in single player is fast paced and will keep your blood pumping long after the credits roll. Fighting in these uber-realistic locales gives the game a certain feel that isn’t present in a lot of today’s shooters. For me Medal of Honor has always been the gold standard for how a single player campaign should be handled and EA really hit its mark this time. Although the game borrows some battle sequences and spoken lines in the game from movies and tv, most noticeably the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill”, which is set in the same time period as this game and follows a group of Recon Marines who were on the frontlines of the war in 2002.

On the multiplayer side of things, EA didn’t want to leave anything to chance. So they went to DICE studios who earlier this year utilized they’re Frostbite Engine in the hit game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. In my opinion Bad Company 2 is at the pinnacle of multiplayer in the modern FPS genre, so when I heard they would be handling the multiplayer in Medal of Honor, I couldn’t wait to see what they had done. In what has been described as a hybrid of both Call of Duty and Bad Company 2 I am happy to report that the multiplayer is not only great, but it is a beast all its own. The mp feels like a unique experience, and while the controls may feel similar to COD fans, that doesn’t mean it plays like it. The combat is realistic, enemies can be tough to pinpoint at times as there are no kill cams present, THANK GOD! It is the exclusion of elements like kill cams that make the mp feel like a more hardcore experience, even while playing on normal modes.

The visuals presented here by Danger Close are magnificent. Running through desert towns and seeing the sun light cut through space is breathtaking. The cut scenes during the campaign are pleasing to watch as well, although it is hard at times to tell when a cut scene is ending or starting because the in game graphics are truly that good.

The sound in the game doesn’t disappoint either. While it isn’t quite as good as Bad Company 2’s sound, it certainly is far ahead of a lot of other competition out there. Bullet ricochet’s and the sound of one whining past your head really helps in making you feel like you are in the game. And of course the assistance of a pair of top quality gaming headphones doesn’t hurt either.

So with an approaching holiday season that is littered with first person shooters, is this worth your hard earned saw bucks? It absolutely is a must buy for this reviewer. I want you to put down the Halo, stop dreaming about Black Ops, and get your ass off that couch, take it down to the nearest video game retailer and ask for a copy of Medal of Honor. With a stunning single player campaign and a multiplayer experience that will keep this game fresh well beyond the sell by date, it is a game that should be in everyone’s collection.

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  1. Hot Lunch says:

    Sounds amazing, I am so picking this up when I get paid on thursday.

  2. wedotech says:

    Woop Woop, didn’t see this review coming :D

  3. Andrew says:

    good review, the campaign will be good online not sure still about it due to the sh!t beta i produced, but i will wait on this game to come down a bit in price though to pick up,

  4. derek says:

    ign gave this a 6 and yet you are saying its a 5, which on your scale is a 10/10. How do I know who to trust?

  5. craig baker says:

    ign is nothing but a smile and a pair of tits. (jessica chobot) If you want to read real reviews, for real fucking gamers keep coming back to wedo where you can actually get a response to something you wrote about on the comments.

  6. wedotech says:

    I get the genuine feeling that allot of the commercial reviewers have been playing COD MW2 for such a long time that they approach something different and they lose impartiality. Just my opinion but from what I’ve played of MOH, the single player is tight and i’d personally have given the game 6 stars if you could have played as the Taliban, unfortunately they bowed under pressure. I’m up for games pushing boundaries. They moan about US troops families being offended but what about Afghanistan families? Some join the Taliban because it’s they’re way off the breadline. I sure hope Six Days in Fallujah appears it’s time we start seeing things from dual perspectives.

  7. craig baker says:

    I 100% agree with you that most review thing COD is the end all be all of shooters when it really isn’t. I tried popping in MW2 the other day and I felt dirty doing it. The gameplay is aweful, and the games audio and graphics just don’t hold a candle to the likes of Bad Company 2. The narrow mindedness of gamers always suprises me. As far as the Taliban goes, while I don’t agree that they folded and changed the name to OPFOR, it doesn’t hurt the game in the end, and guess what everyone online still calls them taliban. I mean how would everyone react if Jewish people starting pressuring the next world war 2 title to remove the word Nazi. It wouldn’t happen, because people aren’t afraid of Nazi’s. While we are forced to walk on egg shell because a muslim extremist might come barging in the door with a bomb strapped to there chest because someone made an image of Allah on televison. I say fuck em! It’s either open press or nothing at all. That is of course just my opinion, I could be wrong. Have a nice day :)

  8. Andrew says:

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 is one amazing game, still my top online game to date, and by the way tried the game amazing, story and online, much better than the beta was :)

    P.s cod is dead only little kids play it, medal of honor and bad company 2 are more adult games, more fun do have playing them and the sound affects AMAZING on both games.

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