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Pompey Pirates: Supporters Column #1

New Season, Another Glimmer of Hope

For the average Pompey Pirates fan, the start of a new season usually means it’s really all conjecture at this point as to how the team will do. Whether the illusive promotion to the Premiership will finally be reached remains to be seen. Some fans will be filled with boundless hope while others will gladly throw out the baby with the bathwater based on little more than the club’s failure to sign the next Robert Prosinecki in the off-season. The overly positive outlook (We’ll definitely challenge for promotion!”) and the bitterly negative (“Barry Hendridge is a terrible manager who never won anything!”), both of which tend to get on my nerves will be a major talking point during this time of the season.

Opening day games historically aren’t classics and Sunday’s opener against Almchendolf was no exception. Aside from an excellent piece of skill from veteran Espimas, the game could have easily gone in favor of Almchendolf whom quite simply lacked the finishing touch. Various questions regarding the backline remain after the first game. One can only hope the new signings of Mendes and Diop can provide the steel in the midfield to avoid the defensive miscues displayed against a not so potent Almchendolf attack. Openers are hard to rate, but Pompey Pirates certainly did enough to win this match along with the vital three points that came with it.

Pompey Pirates may have won, but they need to be more threatening in front of goal.

While Pompey Pirates are still trying to find their feet, Hendridge has to be somewhat satisfied with his team’s performance on the whole and their ability to hold on for the result. Again, it’s the first game, but way too many unforced errors are what kept Almchendolf in the game for the entire 90 minutes. Valeny’s horrible pass from the middle of the field setup a glorious chance for Almchendolf to pull level but Barvorena was unable capitalize on the mistake. On the attacking side of things, Pompey’s inability to get behind the Almchendolf defense were the overriding keys as to why Pompey had to rely on the heroics of Espimas to win the game. Overall, an acceptable performance and it was great to see the team start the season on the right track. A long season awaits us in the push to finally overcome the final hurdle that has haunt Pompey Pirates for many years but for now the future looks bright as least.

However, not everyone at the match seemed to be pleased. Those of you who were at the game have noticed the cost of admission and cost at the concession stands have absolutely skyrocketed. One supporter who would like to be known simply as “MrZafonic” was outraged when he was charged £9.79 for a hotdog. Such excessive prices led him and fellow supporters to file a complaint to the front office. They have made it clear that they will request a refund for their season tickets unless the matter is sorted. We all know that Pompey Pirates had financial struggles last season which is the root of the cause for the matter at hand but taking it out on the supporters seems a bit unfair. When Pompey Pirates was dropping points left and right last season, we were at the stadium rain or shine supporting them regardless of how poor the team was doing. We love Pompey Pirates unconditionally but when we feel we are being taken advantage of, that’s where we put our foot down!

pp2 Pompey Pirates: Supporters Column #1

Espimas celebrates goal #1

Another hot topic this week amongst supporters has been whether Barry Hendridge has what it takes to belong on the field. Sure he has shed a few pounds but can he really be beneficial to the team at his new role of player-manager. Few supporters seem to think so but others who have known Hendridge for a long time and have followed his trajectory have assured us that he can contribute a lot to the team if he can manage to stay fit for the entire season. We will soon find out if there’s any truth to that when Barry Hendridge will most likely play some minutes at the next match.

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