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Black Ops Hits Torrent Sites

It seems as though yet again, a Call of Duty game has made it into the hands of Internet Pirates just a few short week before the scheduled worldwide release date. Torrent sites all over the internet have been bombarded with leechers trying to get a piece of this sure to be hit game.

That, however is not the most interesting part of this story. It seems as though Black Ops developer Treyarch is downloading the torrent as I am writing this. I suppose they want to test the validity of the file and then attempt to stop any further downloads. You can see in the picture I have posted below that this is in fact true.

Disclaimer: does NOT endorse the piracy of games or software in any form. strictly warns its readers NOT to pirate any games or software, especially videogames since the developers work very hard to make them. Buy a original copy and enjoy the game like it should be.

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