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Blizzcon Douchebag Breaks His Leg

Watch with hilarity as this stocky moron painted up like an Undead attempts with great fail to recreate the characters in game dance.

What does he win instead? A fucked up leg and a lifetime of embarrassment as his fat ass is carried off the stage in front of millions of viewers world wide.

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  • Matt

    Thanks for throwing up a picture haha, I prematurely hit publish when I left.

  • Craig Baker

    i’m pretty sure he faked that so people wouldn’t laugh at him. no way he broke his leg.

  • Matt

    I dunno mate, maybe it wasn’t broken but if you watch the part where he fell he definitely screwed up his tibial tuberosity. It looked like it was bruising immediately. Unless that was just a purplish red shadow cast from somewhere offstage

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