Craig Baker On October - 23 - 2010

There are a lot of big games coming out this month and very few people have stopped to think about what could be coming from the indie games market. Today I was quite surprised by a little game called Fluid. Radian Games is responsible for this futuristic type of Pac Man game. Reading the game description as I downloaded this, I wasn’t exactly enthused, but the second I saw the title screen I was oohing and ahhing all the way to the credits.

Like I said, Fluid is very much like Pac Man in the sense that you’re an insignificant circle on the screen collecting dots. You play as a nothing more than a black blob with massive yellow eyes and zip around the given game space without much restriction as to how you decide to tackle each one of the increasingly difficult 30 levels and 5 unlockable “Extreme” levels.

Watch out for those damned JELLYFISH!!!

The way Fluid manages to separate itself further from Pac Man is by the ways you can fail a said level. Your biggest enemy in this game is the notorious red jellyfish. Every time you capture one of these yellow dots on screen it multiplies into red jellyfish which in turn attack you as you attempt to complete the level by collecting all of the dots. Another way you can fail is by taking too long. This is however the case in only every fifth level in which you are granted nothing more than a time trial to collect the dots without any of the aforementioned pesky red jellyfish.

At the cost of a mere $1 or 80 majestic Bill Gates points this game is an absolute bargain. It is a very calming game to play despite the increasing difficulty. Accompanied by four serene audio tracks that you can manually change and some pretty smooth graphics, Fluid is an absolute must buy for anyone that craves a classic style arcade game with some modern effects. Fluid is available now via download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

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