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Dream Chronicles Review
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The award winning Adventure/Hidden Object game has finally hit Xbox Live. Did you know it was arriving? Neither did i. As far as I was aware Super Meat Boy was the only game arriving on the Wednesday gone by but instead even THQ managed to get on the release list along with Hudson to make three XBLA games in one week. The weakest out of the three was Hudson’s Dream Chronicles, it was also the cheapest too. At 800 Microsoft Points it seems a breath of fresh air that an arcade game is back down to a reasonable price point, 1200 points now is becoming an all too common place and those 2100 points really don’t spread very far that way. So what is it about? Well to cut the long story short you are basically a person in an etheral world where the lines of reality and make believe fade away. You cannot find your husband and all the people around you are kept under a sleeping curse. In order to unlock the mystery and progress through the game you need to find objects that are scattered all over the place.

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The game concept is something explored in extreme variety on the PC but not so much on the consoles down to the fact that you need to control the cursor with your control pad. The mouse arrow in Dream Chronicles sometimes feels sluggish and the pace of play is very slow indeed. The game can be completed in less than 30 minutes if you know what you are doing and you are rewarded an achievement for doing so. Chapters are extremely short which begs the question, for 800 Microsoft points does it even hold its weight for that price? To add a different style of play Hudson have allowed you to play the game locally or online in co-operative and players can jump in at any scene. The one thing the game does have is lovely visuals. They feel beautifully detailed and whilst not animated throughout do make you wonder what is behind the next door. Each chapter appears to have it’s own type of mini-game involved. You may need to get a set of switches to turn a light on in a doll house or sort books in a library to progress further. These challenges verge from the extremely easy, to the frustrating. If you cannot find what you are looking for you do get the odd shimmer which gives you a clue as to where hidden objects are. Fortunately once you progress through the first few chapters these are fewer and far between as at first it is too damn easy.

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Throughout the game you can collect different objects called Dream Pieces, which combine pieces of jewellery throughout the game. You have a log book where you can check all the unsignificant data regarding these but they ultimately link to achievment points. I also noticed that some events were triggered upon pressing something, which is annoying as the solution was obvious, but I had to activate an object first. My biggest moan about the game is the fact that the storyline is a crock of shit. Come the end of the game I wouldn’t piss on my in-game husbands face to put out a fire. There is no emotional attachment due to the lack of any voice acting and the written dialog feels painful at the best of times. If you love these types of games then it maybe worth a shout, but we’d recommend you spend the money on Axel & Pixel instead, which is a more action orientated adventure game which requires more logic than Dream Chronicles to solve puzzles but ultimately is a more satisfying, engaging, fun and visually astute game to boot. Buy this one if you seriously cannot find anything else to play.

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Dream Chronicles Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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