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Golden Joystick Awards 2010 - Our Votes

The Golden Joystick Awards are quite confusing. This is the reason why: Games that were in last years categories still remain in this years and the voting between games seems to start from mid-calendar 2009 to mid-calendar 2010. It’s an odd mix, so if anyone was wondering yes, old games like Uncharted 2 are in the mix. We’ll be at the awards next Friday and wanted to bring you our pick of whom should win, agree or disagree? Let us know! Don’t forget you can vote at the Golden Joystick Website

Nuts Magazine Action Game of the Year

We Voted: Uncharted 2

Reason: It was still valid for the vote due to GJA’s odd seasonal voting system and against its competitors it clearly came out as the best action game despite being one of the oldest of the games released. Uncharted 2 stole all of our hearts over a year ago and it won notoriety at last year as being one of the most anticipated games by multiple award givers. The adventures of Drake had us on the edge of our seat and standing in at a good 15 hours of gameplay stood as one of the best value games of the year too. A real adventure, a real delight.

Best Downloadable Title Sponsored by Green Man Gaming

We Voted: Trials HD

Reason: Our own awards gave this to Shadow Complex but our viewers completely disagreed and voted for Trials HD. Since the emergence of extra downloadable content we couldn’t agree more that Trials HD really was the downloadable title of choice. Addictive, frustrating and rewarding when beating your friends scores, this game had a huge draw without their being any direct multiplayer action.

Best Fighting Game
blazblue logobmp Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes We Voted: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Reason: We just enjoyed it more than Tekken 6. Tekken 6 has some nice character introductions, but it never really did anything particularly new. BlazBlue grabbed our vote for the sheer insane amount of move sets and the fact that the characters and moves were ultimately interesting. The story mode was a pile of wank but then so was the quest mode on Tekken 6. Tatsunoku Vs Capcom was another honourable mention but we just couldn’t warm to it enough, even with Frank West into the fray.

Music Game of the Year

dj hero 1 Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes

We Voted: DJ Hero
Reason: No, it’s not because Activision sent us two copies of it for attending last years GJA’s, it was because it was a damn good game with a shit load of original never heard before mixes of classic songs. The hardware was beautifully made and the experience was immersive, DJ Hero was a real treat and a breakaway from the now rather boring Guitar Hero games. Honourable mentions; Just Dance and Beatles: Rock Band.

MSN One to Watch Award

We Voted: Brink

Reason: Up against a bunch of games already out made this award very odd to vote for, but Brink truly is one to watch, it doesn’t come out until 2011 but is really heating up the expectations of Multiplayer fans. Splash Damage have done excellent work on the game and it walked away clearly from our Best Eurogamer Expo poll as a clean winner. Hardly surprising, expect to see Brink win this award, fans of Bethesda are voting in polls all across the interwebs.

Game Gears Online Game of the Year

farmville Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes

We Voted: Farmville
Reason: For shits and giggles. Runescape won an unexpected award last year in a similar category and I am expecting Farmville to do the same. The addictive Facebook game played by those who are addicted to Facebook could well end up winning and we’d thought we’d vote for Farmville as for some stupid fucking reason FIFA Online was not short listed despite it being a cracker of a game.

Pocket Gamer Portable Game of the Year

We Voted: Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box

Reason: Why was GTA Chinatown Wars short listed for a second year? That makes no sense at all. Anyway, Professor Layton has crossed the boundaries between kid and adult gaming on a handheld like no other game, great puzzles and a decent storyline, we liked it okay?

Puzzle Game of the Year

We Voted: Professor Layton and Pandora

Reason: It was short listed against majority of other DS games. Not sure why other puzzle games on PSN or XBLA didn’t make the shortlist but our options were very limited on this one. Anyway, professor Layton and Pandora comes out a clear winner. Surprised Darwinia+ was not short listed as that picked my brains more than a crusty council estate kid picked his nose.

Racing Game of the Year

modnation1 Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes

We Voted: Mod Nation Racers
Reason: It showed Nintendo just how basic and archaic Mario Kart now looks after what San Diego studio has done with this outing. Sure, the physics and handling could use a much better responsiveness but there is no doubt in our minds that we’ll see a future Mod Nation Racers title. Weekly DLC and a community as big as Little Big Planet, it’s little wonder why we voted this over Forza 3. Why did Zombie Driver even make the short list?

RPG Game of the Year

We Voted: Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition
Reason: It’s better than Mass Effect 2 and any of the other short listed games. The fact we could vote for a 2008 released game meant we leapt at the chance to give accolades to this unbelievable yet ultimately buggy title. Awesome game

ITN Game On Shooter of the Year
We Voted: Borderlands
Reason: No COD MW2? Don’t cry people! Borderlands is a great game and it deserves its plaudits. Modern Warfare 2 may have been a visceral experience but Borderlands took us where multiplayer games haven’t taken us before, on a massive adventure with unbelievable possibilities. Great art style and no glitching assholes to ruin it either!

Soundtrack of the Year

We Voted: Brutal Legend
Reason: Last year Guitar Hero 5 won and due to uproar in the bloggersphere it is little wonder why no music based games are short listed this year. Seems as though CVG have finally got the point that a music based game cannot be short listed for a soundtrack award, when it isn’t a fucking soundtrack it’s a play list! Grrr! Anyway Modern Warfare 2 will probably win but we loved the soundtrack in Brutal Legend and you should too!

Sports Game of the Year Sponsored by

We Voted: 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
Reason: You couldn’t lob the keeper so easily! It was a great game that encapsulated the World Cup extremely well. It was the first World Cup game that wasn’t positively shiet too. It also had a graphical leap from FIFA 10. Oddly, I can see FIFA 10 winning this category as much like Euro 2008 people just waited for FIFA 11 which ironically isn’t that great this year.

Strategy Game of the Year

plants vs zombies Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes
We Voted: Plants Vs Zombies
Reason: Do we really need to say why? It’s a strategy game that everyone can get into. Unlike Victoria II, anyway with that pop shot out of the way Popcap’s zombie like shooter is a real joy to play and combines in depth strategy and simple based game play coupled with a reward system that makes you want to keep playing that makes it so special. We are unsure if it’ll win, but in our eyes it’s already won.

Developer of the Year

ea Golden Joystick Awards 2010   Our Votes

We Voted: EA Bright Light
Reason: Great bunch of guys and two fantastic Harry Potter games (one in the works) produced to keep the long magical series alive. EA Bright Light are pushing the boundaries of graphical architecture for Deathly Hallows, it may seem quite odd to vote these guys but trust me, once November comes you will see why.

Ultimate Game of the Year

We Voted: Red Dead Redemption
Reason: It’s taken us back to the wild, wild west and allowed our friends to join us. Red Dead Redemption was allot of fun to play, it had plenty of variety and some great voice acting. It’s a cracking title that Rockstar should be proud of. Despite Modern Warfare 2 set world record sales, it is after all a box standard shooter.

So that rounds it up, no doubt people will bitch and moan that COD MW2 isn’t on the list but when you consider the amount of exploits the multiplayer has coupled with the fact that the shooter has about as much tactical nouse as the film Machete and you’ll understand our reasons why. Oh, the game is incredibly short too. Anyway, enough bitching. Who will you be voting for? Let us know! Don’t forget to join us on our live blog on Friday afternoon where we will announce the winners. No doubt Activision will be showered with awards again like they were last year. But i’m going to go for an outside bet on Farmville winning online game of the year.

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  • Whisperer

    Clearly the awards will go to whoever is giving Future the most ad money. Just like every year,

  • https://?u=admin James Ireland

    They were lambasted for giving Guitar Hero 5 best soundtrack last year and subsequently blocked any music games from being awarded for such category, phew!

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