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Superstars V8 Racing Review (PS3)
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Superstars V8 Racing is the newest racing sim from the boys over at Milestone. Milestone in case you haven’t heard of them are responsible for several mediocre motorcycle racers including Moto GP 07/08, Evolution GT, and the Superbike SBK series. However unlike those games, Milestone has decided to release this game via download only on the PSN store for $19.99.

Straight away I would like to say that a game company putting out a product at a price point for $20 and available only for download puts a bad taste in my mouth. It is the gaming world equivalent of a movie getting released straight to DVD and bypassing the theater. It basically tells me that the developer had absolutely no confidence in their product and wasn’t willing to lay down the extra money for packaging and the manufacturing of discs. I should also mention that for whatever reason this game has gotten an actual full release in the UK with box and all.

Upon first starting up Superstars it may seem like it could rival the likes of GRID or even Need for Speed: Shift. But after playing for just a few minutes you realize that this game isn’t really close.

There are a few good things about this game. It offers a decent varied selection of tracks and the handling of the cars feels like a proper racing sim. Though this game may have a few good points it is hard to ignore that it feels like the game was made with a particular budget in mind. If you have ever played the SBK series you may feel like you are in a same game with the exception that you don’t get bikes, instead you are treated to a half-assed collection of cars that all pretty much feel the same.

Superstars V8 does offer a very uninspiring Championship mode along with the usual quick race and practice game types. The Championship mode isn’t all that deep and more or less feels like nothing more that a bunch of strung together quick races that give you no reason to keep playing.

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The graphics in Superstars are just like the gameplay…very average. The cars look alright enough, but the scenery around you is dreadful. During the loading of each map as the camera pans around the track I noticed some tearing. Also during parts of the race when a lot of cars are present on the screen you can notice the framerate dipping a little. The damage system also looks like shit. At one point I hit a wall head on at well over a 100 MPH. The result…my rear bumper started to hang ever so slightly.

The sound of Superstars was nothing to sing home about either. The engines sound the same no matter where you are on the track. I have come to expect different sounds based on whether there is a car next to me or a concrete wall. The developer also failed to add in any type of sound effects beyond the occasional thud when you smash into a wall.

It should be noted that Superstars does offer a multiplayer mode, however I was unable to locate a single player online playing this game. I tried several times over a 24 hour period to find as well as host matches, but to my dismay I couldn’t. I highly doubt this will change because nobody has heard of this game. I keep myself pretty well tuned into gaming news and the first time I heard about Superstars V8 “racing” was when I got the e mail from my editor to review this game.

At the end of the day Superstars V8 Racing isn’t really a full title release, but it isn’t really an arcade game either. It falls in the middle some where as the type of game you would normally find in the bargain bin at wal-mart. This is the game your Uncle gets you for Christmas when there is an agreed upon spending limit for each kid. You then look down disappointed at the game and say, wow I can’t wait not to play that. If you absolutely can’t wait for Gran Turismo 5 and you need to play a racing game…don’t buy this. Get down to a local shop and get something else.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)
Superstars V8 Racing Review (PS3), 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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