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The Fat Families Experience

Many people have popped on here or facebook and sent us messages asking us about our Fat Families experience. We want to take this opportunity to thank our new friend Steve Miller who presents the Fat Families show and of course the amazing production team. The whole experience was an eye opener and a real motivation for us to start looking after our bodies and enjoying life by doing the things we love without worrying about what other people think.

At the beginning of the experience I was very uncomfortable about doing things like going swimming and talking about my body but as time went on I soon realised that I should stop worrying about what people think and start doing something about it. I can remember 2 or 3 weeks into the experience it felt as though someone had flicked a switch. The switch to a healthier, happier and longer life!

lolbanner The Fat Families Experience

Here are some of the questions we have been asked; Feel free to send us more we love replying to you all x

Q. When did filming start?
A. June 2010

Q. How Much weight have you lost now?
A. Over 5 stone each *and counting* (Yes, each!)

Q. Why did you go on Fat Families?
A. We needed that kick up the ass from someone who had been there, done it and wore the T-shirt. There was also no way we were going to fail on National TV.

Q. Were you worried about how you would be perceived by the general public? (especially with your sexuality being more out in the open)
A. There were absolutely no worries about our sexuality being talked about, in fact I was really looking forward Sky producing a TV show that demonstrates that Gay couples are Families just as straight couples are. I suppose our only worry was that we looked awful at the beginning of filming and getting our kit off was just embarrassing. If only I knew during those worrying times how supportive you would all be. Thanks to everyone who has stopped us in passing your kind words are greatly appreciated.

Q. What is next for the Joell-Ireland boys?
A. You never know! As you probably saw(pictured below) we were on Harry Hills TV Burp 30th Oct. What I will say is; We have learnt many things throughout the Fat Families experience. 1 thing is that if you want something to happen you have to go out there and make it happen. Anyone wanting to fire something our way is more than welcome to do so. Just E-mail: editor(at)

HH The Fat Families Experience

Q. Did you sing live or mime on Harry Hill?
A. We sang live! Why would we do a Cheryl Cole? We’re talented.

Q. Did Stephen really swim 500 meters?
A. Yes, I did! I trained like a trooper at the local gym and I made sure I melted that lard.

Q. Will the weight loss continue?
A. We both aim to get down to our recommended height/weight ratio. We have promised each other than we will never scrape the bottom of the barrel ever again.

Q. What advice would you give anyone trying to lose weight?
A. Eat Less, Eat Healthier and Move More! It isn’t rocket science.

Q. What exercise did you love?
A. Swimming (James also loved playing Football)

L FatFamilies S2 ep1 The Fat Families Experience

Q. What exercise did you hate?
A. We both hated the rowing machine.

Q. What do you think of Steve Miller?
A. Steve has a special part in our hearts as does the whole production team involved in the Fat Families show. We were given so much guidance and support throughout the whole experience.

Q. In 1 word describe your time on Fat Families
A. Fantabulous

Q. What food tips would you give me?
A. Divide your small plate so that you have half and 2 quarters. Now fill the half with vegetables, a quarter carbohydrates like potato, bread or pasta and a quarter meat like fish, chicken or beef. *When eating any beef try to get lean meat without the fat. *When eating chicken do not eat the skin. *If you find that you are not feeling full try drinking a pint of water or low calorie drink during your meal, this will help you feel full.

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The Fat Families Experience, 9.4 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
  • Blake

    You are a true inspiration. Well done!

  • Mary Clarke

    Well done boys x

  • Sjd

    You both look so much better than what you did. Jaw Bones are now on show!

  • SamDeans

    Brilliant guys! Well played :) Very cool stuff :D

  • Newsreader

    Well done guys, James you look a lot more healthy on Harry Hill piccie.

    Glad you both got your recognition, I know how long both of you have tried.

  • Matt

    If I needed to lose weight, you guys would be my inspiration! I weigh as much as you lost :3

  • Si

    Fantastic stuff guys, really pleased for both of you!

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