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Radiant [iPhone]
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Radiant is a fantastic little arcade game for the iPhone and it’s FREE; awesome game; awesome price of FREE.


Right, so, this game is brought to you by the folks over at Hexage and it’s a revamped mash-up of Asteroids and Space Invaders. The story pretty much starts off with you flyin’ around being all bad-ass and like “Hey, remember those stupid Aliens that tried to kill us back in the 80’s?” queue impression of said Aliens, and then they arrive.

032 Radiant [iPhone]

The controls are incredibly basic, there’s no fire button your ship will do so automatically, all you do is tap the left or right side of your screen to move accordingly. At times you’ll have to maneuver through an asteroid field or in one case the remnants of your destroyed home planet, and this is where the semi-Asteroid’s feel comes in. Thankfully you don’t have free movement it’s still the same stuck-at-the-bottom controls just shoot the asteroids or move out of the way of the big fuckers.

021 Radiant [iPhone]

Kinda reminds you of Alderaan

After a few waves of enemies you’ll blast off to upgrade your ship and/or weapons depending on how many credits you get. Credits and weapons will fall from certain enemies once you destroy them, just grab it before it’s gone. You can also just buy weapons but often you’ll acquire them through killing.

027 Radiant [iPhone]

What are ya buyin'?!

The weapons are as followed:
Your standard Vulcan Cannon which through upgrading you’ll increase its fire rate and shoot two off at the same time from the sides of your ship instead of the front.
Bio Blaster is just a single green blast of shit from your ship. It’s slow but strong, nothing special here.
Plasma Gun fires from both sides of your ship, arcs upwards and sort of falls back down and to the left and right of the screen, if it didn’t hit the first time it’s sure to hit the second.
Disrupter Laser will destroy most enemies in one hit and travel until it reaches the other end of the screen making it a slow but incredibly useful weapon. This will go through many rows of enemies at once.
Seeking Missiles are self-explanatory. If you need a description I can only wonder how you are able to use the intarwebz.
Smart Gun acts in the same way as the Vulcan Cannon but has a slight homing feature to it, making it more accurate.

Aside from Credits and weapons, items occasionally drops from fallen foes as well. Rarely a Megablast will appear, picking this up destroys whatever enemy is left on the screen and other times a Shield will drop and it just projects a purple wave in front of your ship, protecting you from damage for a little while.
018 Radiant [iPhone]

Upgrading your ship is just buying extra lives.
You can take a few hits but you will run out of lives so this isn’t a big deal unless you’re down to 1. Pressing onto your ship will pause the action and bring up a small inventory like screen and this is where you equip your weapons, press your ship again to pause the game entirely. Lose your last life and it’s game over. Start from scratch. Stock up on those lives if you suck.

The sound effects are very soothing, nothing is over done for the sake of theatrics or to try and make it appear high budget. The music is a very jazzy techno beat with enemy explosions and enemy explosions vary between two to four different sounds which is either a low pitch basic explosion sound or something along the lines of a techno or metallic chime.
The colors are very bright and neon against an ordinary black star splattered space background making it incredibly gorgeous and easy on the eyes.

017 Radiant [iPhone]

With its pixilated graphics, wonderful sound, and classic style gameplay, this game would be well worth a price tag of 1, 2 or even 5 dollars but it’s free which makes it an incredible download and a must own.

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Radiant [iPhone], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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