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Tricorn - Tricorn EP Review
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Spawned from the under belly of Portsmouth and rising above the Sky just like the eyesore that Tricorn was rises a hard/stoner rock band that have been hitting the waves of Greece with the full blown force of austerity measures. Recorded in Greece itself, the south coast band took to Thessaloniki, Greece to get the gritty and edgy sound that becomes so apparent with their debut recording. Self titled Tricorn is a release full of character with a couple of tracks that resonate and stay in the mind. The album starts with the bullish Step Outside which features a pounding chord sequence whilst displaying a lyrical call to arms of masculinity. Moving on to Give me some more it becomes apparent that Tricorn have the ability to appeal to a mass audience without being accused of becoming commercial. It sticks out as the most memorable track on the album because the lyric placement is just right, the sexual undertones are suitably apt for the style of music and the easy to remember choruses make it an instant winner.

As we move towards Therapist the music takes a slight step back and that’s mainly down to the lead vocals on this work. Interestingly enough the band has had quite the reshuffle since the recording with the lead singer moving on to pastures new so it would be interesting to hear this album recorded with the new singer at the helm. Therapist has some nice guitar licks but doesn’t compare to the next track Where Did It Go which pushes the self titled album back into second gear. Thumping dual vocals and chugging lead guitar make this one of my favorites. What I love about this particular track is that in the final third it totally changes pace and becomes darker in tone, the drums really become apparent whilst the instrumental section takes place.Just as the song reaches it’s last minute the pace picks up again to a resounding finale with simple lyrics “I used to have it all”.

As we move into the fifth track on the album Life Again keeps the pace of the album going well, the dirty sounding edge to this track and darker lyrics are a nice touch whilst the lead guitar throw in higher riffs to give it more texture. Crawl is my personal favorite on the album, whilst it’s not quite as catchy as Give Me Some More it’s the pace and fret work along with the feeling you know that everyone enjoys playing this track which comes off on the recording.

The album draws to a close with the mediocre Girl Lets Ride. I do get a slight feel of Mike Patton in his darker days with this track but there is something of the execution of song structure that prevents it from being one of the better tracks on the album. Tricorn’s album finisher ends with Momentum, which is rather an apt track name because it has real ‘momentum’ the guitar work sounds more cleaner in this track, the repetition of riffs help create a decent pace and allow the drum work to come out on this track. It gives the listener the anticipation for future works by the band.

Overall the album is a decent effort, like with any album there are a couple of tracks that fail to stand out, but by and large Tricorn’s self titled debut release is a solid effort with that all important track that will resonate with the fan base and become an instant classic at live shows ‘Give me some more’.

On a final note I wanted to talk about the album itself, obviously being in the underground scene and not having the financial backing of big recording artists, Tricorn have gone no expenses spared to offer a jewel case that offers full lyrics, high quality album art work and disc laser printing to rival anything else out there on the market. The attention to detail is worth the extra couple of pound, so I would recommend picking up a physical copy of this album.

Interested in picking up a copy? head over to

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Tricorn - Tricorn EP Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
  • hellawaits

    nice !

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  • B. K. Melendez

    The official theme song of Soccer Mayhem. Thumbs up!!

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