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Score Rush Review [XLIG]
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Xona Games has pulled off another extremely addictive Indie Game for Xbox Live users to enjoy. This time with their newest title Score Rush this game is going to keep you up all night trying to beat your previous high score. What makes this Indie Game so great? Well it’s a four player shoot’em up with ridiculous firepower, kill everything on the screen bombs and tons of enemies fire tons of bullets. Now that I have your undivided attention I’ll continue with what you can expect from this title.

Score Rush is a sixty frames per second SHMUP (Shoot’em Up) with intense colorful graphics. It plays a lot like Geometry Wars from Bizarre Creations, but with a lot more enemies to kill and even more bullets to dodge. Score Rush is a very intense 2D experience where up to four players can play at the same time and dual stick kill as much as you can. The main goal of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before you run out of lives. Simple.

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In Score Rush you also can collect mini orbs that give you even more fire power to aid in your quest of annihilating the enemy. At one time I had about 15 orbs collected and I couldn’t believe the fire power that was on display. There is also one really cool weapon though that I found the most interesting and that’s the screen bomb. It will kill pretty much any enemy and all of the projectiles flying toward you as well. This bomb really saves the day when you have a million bullets coming right for you and you have nowhere to run. Just hit your left button and let the “save your ass” bomb do its thing. Trust me when I say there are going to a lot of times when this bomb comes in handy, but choose your times wisely because you only have so many available. Save these bombs and only use it when you need to frankly, save your ass.

The sounds in the game have been handled by Dragon Music. They not only have one of the coolest logos I have seen for a company, but they add good ole fashioned hard rock music as the soundtrack of the game. The hard rock really sets the tone for the game, and there is nothing like listening to rock while killing everything that moves. For the explosions and weapons they sound as you would expect them to sound. Not too much variety in the different weapons you get. No worries though as this doesn’t really affect the game play and besides the rocking soundtrack makes up for it.

The visuals in the game are run on the award winning Duality Engine. The engine does handle all the loads of enemies, their bullets and some very bright vibrant explosions on the screen with no problems at all. Score Rush resembles Geometry Wars in many ways but I honestly feel that Score Rush has a lot more polish. You can just feel the love that Xona Games put into this game to make it look as good as it does especially since it will only cost you a dollar. Yes, that’s right, only 80 Microsoft points.

score2 300x168 Score Rush Review [XLIG]

The replay value on Score Rush is definitely high. While it really doesn’t set a new bar for the SHMUPS it has very addicting game play and the music is great. As I mentioned earlier you can play with up to four of your friends. The challenge of being the first to hit 1,000,000,000 points first has me hooked for sure. I will never get there but it sure will be fun trying.

The bottom line is that, Score Rush is an Indie Game that you do not want to miss out on if you are a fan of Shoot’em Ups or even a fan of Geometry Wars. A lot of heart and soul was put into this game and it delivers on almost every aspect a gamer could want. And the price of the game is definitely not an issue in anyone’s book, that’s for sure. Head onto XBLA and grab Score Rush. Its game’s like this that really put the Indie developers on the map. Fun, insane and intense gameplay will have you playing for hours on end just to achieve that high score plateau you set for yourself.

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