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Donkey Kong Country Returns is a fantastic addition to the classic franchise; not steering away from the old school side scrolling we’re so used to at all but rather implementing new ideas to the series much like New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Example of the beautiful level designs

The story begins with a volcanic eruption which releases a massive tiki bitch that spews his minions all over the jungle like sperm on a towel. The Tiki Tak Tribe, as they’re known by, possesses all the jungle animals to steal the bananas from the Kong’s stash. The Tiki’s pretty much replace the Kremlin’s in this game as the main enemies; you’ll see none of them, or Dixie, thank god. The only familiar faces are Diddy, Donkey Kong, and Cranky Kong who owns a shop. You’ll use golden coins collected throughout the level to buy items from him like balloons for continues, key’s to open locked off areas, an extra heart or banana juice which grants temporary invincibility.

Don't be fooled; this game is difficult.

The game is very 2D side-scrolling nostalgic feel with tons of 3D elements. You’ll move back and forth from horizon to the front of the screen on rail carts, shooting through barrels and falling totems. The visuals are quite spectacular. A new addition to the game is two player co-op instead of the traditional tag team the previous Donkey Kong games had. In addition, it takes some ideas from New Super Mario Bros. Wii with that of if you die a certain amount of times on one level you have the option of “Super Kong” which is the same concept of Luigi. The game will take over and finish the level for you but any items picked up won’t count.

donkey kong country returns review Donkey Kong Country Returns [Wii]

The 3D effects are fantastic

The experience of the game overall is fantastic. Wonderful visuals, the music is always great and the difficulty is just challenging enough for you to keep coming back and not snap the disc in half. The level designs can be frustrating at times but that’s to be expected of a platformer. There were many times I just kept dying at one particular spot until I memorized enemy movement and how they spawn, and it seems the further I go into the game the more I have to do this. While the actual levels are rather difficult, the bosses are more or less a push over. You’d expect to use some sort of tactic but it’s basically just keep jumping on them until they become knocked out and the Tiki’s leave the creature. It’s a bit of a relief but rather silly.

Another small gripe is while Diddy Kong is in the game; his only abilities are really to roll Donkey Kong further and a short boost in jump with his jetpack. It doesn’t feel like there’s much purpose for him here other than being a simple support character. I just feel he played more of a role in previous titles but it doesn’t ruin the fun.

Despite its difficulty, the lack of the Kong family and Kremlins, Donkey Kong Country Returns is incredibly fun to play and the perfect challenge to a world filled with overly simplistic games that leave you feeling cheated out of your money. It’s a must own for everyone.

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