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Vorpal [Xbox Indie]
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Vorpal is a manga-styled “bullet hell” game by indie developer Red Wolf and has a logo very similar to Naughty Dog. Basically, you’re faced with an insane barrage of attacks from your enemy at once and you’re left to maneuver in and out of the attack whilst trying to stay alive and kill the boss.

The game has six playable characters, each with their own short little unexplained introduction to each boss. Each character and boss has their own attack and attack pattern, with eight shields to blast through to beat the boss, this game can be very difficult; difficult being a fucking understatement.

Good luck.

This game seems to draw heavy inspiration from the Touhou series; if you haven’t played one of that series, don’t; you’ll shit blood for a week from the ulcers it’ll give you. While Vorpal is definitely not as insane as Touhou, it is still quite difficult and not for the casual gamer at all.

Of course you won’t be heading into this crazy shitstorm of ship combat completely empty. While you start off with a basic attack, shuriken looking icons will appear on the screen and shooting them often drops items such as upgrades to your weapon, a boost in health or stress gauge. The stress gauge is your special attack which is measured by the red bar near your health. Whilst you can activate the gauge any time it’s in the red, often it’s best to wait until it has completely filled to knock out a full tier of shield. Other wise use this shit often when enemy health is low and firing a clusterfuck of a special attack against you.

The controls are quite simple, use the A button to shoot and for the love of your god do not let this button go. The B button activates your stress gauge and holding Left and Right Trigger simultaneously will slow your ship down making for an easier time moving through the enemy’s attack.

What I did like about this game was the black and white art style with some shades of red, it’s quite gorgeous honestly and I love when developers experiment with different shades of color for their game leaving for more of an art work than just an arcade game. Also, each of the six characters has their own beautiful sountrack. The songs are spectacular and all can be heard inside the games gallery which is where you can also get a more detailed background on each character and a closer view of the ship they use.

At only a mere 80 Microsoft points, there’s no reason to not own this game, unless of course you bought a 360 just for the fucking Kinect. The music is spectacular, the art work is gorgeous and the difficulty tickles my balls with enough intensity to keep coming back for more.

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Vorpal [Xbox Indie], 10.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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