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Honor in Vengeance Review [XBLIG]
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“The sci-fi space shooter has received high praise for its story, graphics, voice overs and challenging gameplay.”

The above quote was from a press release relating to the game developed by MichaelArts, whom has given this game high praise? I attempted to find out, I scoured the internet and found zero reviews, apart from a comment left on a holding page for a review stating that they enjoyed the game. That could have been potentially anyone? Drift onto the developers own forums and the game has supposedly been highly rated by the review panel at Microsoft to vet the game onto Xbox Indie, so really the reports about Honor in Vengeance being highly praised is very much up for debate. Take a look at the Xbox Live community ratings for the game and out of 59 votes, the game is sitting at a 2.5/5 star rating, meaning that the people that have checked it out do not on average think very highly of the game. That is where we sit.

I was excited about checking this game out, the press release purported that the games release should be whipping up a storm, a release of an indie game that was worth people’s time.

“Jump in the cockpit of one of the year’s most powerful and addicting Indie Games to hit the Marketplace. Featuring a full blown voice acting team, detailed graphics and intense gameplay, Honor In Vengeance will leave you speechless as you fly above Earth as Martian rebel pilot Juno”

Addicting? No. Intense gameplay? No. Speachless? Yes. Honor in Vengeance has left me speechless in several areas. Firstly because I commend anyone whom has had the sanity to track down and kill the first enemy ship in the game, the experience is extremely frustrating to say the least. The game has a major flaw in the fact that there is no on screen HUD, meaning that when you dogfight your enemies you’ll struggle to find them as your ascend and traverse the starry landscape. I understand that a lack of HUD can immerse the experience of the player, but some games need them fundamentally to make the game work. Secondly bullet fire on the game is atrocious, the sounds are tacky and feel like they’ve came straight from a free sample sound bank. The only impressive thing about Honor in Vengeance is some of the graphics, Earth looks well polished, as does the craft that you are roaming around in, but everything else lacks the same level of detail. Also there is a background clipping problem with the textures of the astrological field, as you spin and dogfight you can feel that it is struggling, in the end it begins to really off-put you playing.

How the story progresses with Honor in Vengeance I really do not know, nor do I particularly care. What I do know is, is that a far superior game in Project Slypheed by Square Enix is not too much more to pay for a vastly polished and enigmatic experience. Why this game is 240 Microsoft Points completely baffles me. Whilst the game visually stands out as one of the stronger looking Indie games, visuals do not make a game great. Had the game from the off-set included homing missiles, a HUD system and multiple cameras it would have been a much more enjoyable experience. Drop the price to 80 Microsoft Points, produce a game update to smooth out the rough edges and Honor in Vengeance may well be worth a look and perhaps one day we’ll actually complete it. As it stands, it’s a bit of a mess.

I understand this game has been made by an 18 year old and from that position it is an impressive feat what this kid has already achieved but tough love is required to craft into an exceptional talent. Can I do better myself? No, but my job is to review games irrespective of someone’s age or budget. Enough said.

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Honor in Vengeance Review [XBLIG], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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