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Avatar Bump Review [XBLIG]
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Most Avatar games on Xbox Indie Games are a pile of shit, a crème-de-menthe of skull fuck remorse. Milkstone Studios plan to change that though and boy have they done it! Avatar Bump is an addictive party game that is best served on multiplayer with your friends locally. The concept of the game is to battle in an area dressed in cups with your avatars trying to bump each other off the map into a trench on the side. To aid you in doing this, you’ll have a speed boost which needs recharging and there is also a smattering of power-ups which can be picked up to either aid you or fuck you up.

Whilst Avatar Bump is marketed towards the offline multiplayer experience, the solo mode is pretty darn addictive. The A.I increases in intelligence the longer you survive and the longer you survive means a better rank in the global leader board, needless to say this game will be clocking up quite a few hours on my Raptr account, I can guarantee you that! At only 80 Microsoft Points it’s well worth it and whilst the game is very similar to mini games you’d find on Fuzion Frenzy or Mario Party, it’s got more depth and more consideration to the whole experience.

Milkstone have a habit of pushing the XNA platform to the point of maximum capacity, MotorHeat is the best looking game on XNA and the same graphical polish once again has been delivered with Avatar Bump. Not only is there a plethora of cups to ride in but there is also a variety of arenas to bout in. The arenas aren’t selectable but they rotate per every match meaning that visually it stays fresh. As you will see in the screenshots you’ll fight in the arctic, ancient Egyptian times and also on the moon! You’ll also fight on top of a castle too. The power-ups most certainly help give the game a little more strategy – using the lifeboat power-up will save your ass when you fall outside the map and the earthquake power-up is particularly lethal. There are plenty of more power-ups to be had as well, one of which will screw you over big time. There is a second iteration of the freeze power-up which will freeze you instead of your opponent. You just got pwned!

The game changes pace versus mode, these are all round based multiplayer games with different objectives to spice the game up a little more. Co-op allows you to take on the solo campaign with an extra friend and don’t think that is all you are getting for your money either. One look over at Milkstone Studios website and you’ll see that they actually have another update for the game up for peer review, of which they are planning on adding more multiplayer game modes, adding subtle tweaks and improving the graphics even more. Now that’s fan service.

Overall I hate using overall as a way to end my review but OVERALL Avatar Bump turns the shit genre monstrosity that is Avatar Games and restores much pride in the much saturated indie game genre. It doesn’t end there either, check out our review of Avatar Ninja which is another game made by the guys at Milkstone Studios.

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Avatar Bump Review [XBLIG], 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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