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Avatar Ninja Review [XBLIG]
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It’s another avatar game, but it’s also made by Milkstone Studios so it is possible it won’t be shit. Well the end product of Avatar Ninja is a twitch based high score game that will end passing the night time wank because you need to rest your hands. Avatar Ninja is essentially a high-scoring QTE game that requires quick dexterity and a relentless button mashing mentality to become successful.

The game features your avatar dressed in the same clothes you don on your Xbox Dashboard, so where does the Ninja come in? Well, it comes in the form of shuriken’s that are required to break targets that are in your way. The principles are very easy, you use all four face buttons to do a variety of moves. A button keeps your stamina meter high, B enables you to slide under spikes and X enables you to jump over logs. This all takes place whilst running on water. It’s safe to say that if we are honest the word Ninja on the game is more of a sales pitch rather than a particular theme, so for those that impulse bought they maybe slightly disappointed with the end product.

There is something masochistically addictive about this game though, even though by the third run I was in pain. The game reminds me off the hurdles in Track & Field on the PS1, you constantly wanted to play it to better your previous scores and for those that love leader board whoring then it maybe worth picking up. As you plough through the obstacle course you can pick up coins to raise your score and the fact that the global leader board is directly linked to the in-game HUD makes it all the more appealing.

We can if we are honest recommend better games out there for the paltry asking price and Doritos Crash course will offer a similar experience with more control at an asking price of FREE. You simply cannot compete with that, save your points for something a little bit better. It’s not a bad game in the slightest, it’s just there is better on offer.

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