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Marvel Pinball Review
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If you’ve been a reader of ours for some time then no doubt you’ll have read the praise we have given Zen Studios and their pinball dominance. Well, they are back again and this time with the endorsement of Marvel. Having Marvel on board has tapped into some extra creative flare as Marvel Pinball is quite frankly the very best pinball game made by Zen Studios if not ever. With such bold characters as Blade, Wolverine, Spiderman and Iron Man you need the personality behind it – it’s something that the developers have absolutely nailed.

So we’ve established the characters that have got the table treatment and at this point I’d like to state that DLC is confirmed and you can vote for the next character over at the Marvel Pinball website – but what are these tables actually like?

Firstly let’s refresh on Marvel Pinball, it plays exactly like Pinball FX2 but without the split-screen multiplayer, only hot seat has been kept, where players take turns to establish the highest score for that particular ball. On the Xbox 360 Marvel Pinball isn’t a standalone title, they are added DLC tables for Pinball FX 2, which makes sense. On PSN the title is standalone as the last release was Zen Pinball of which the architecture has been improved upon since. So confusion aside if you are one of those to pick up the PSN version (version we are reviewing) then you will be ultimately satisfied as the menu alone has so much polish that any contact with direct sunlight will blind you. In fact, I’ve played well over 3000 games in my life time and this game has the nicest menu I’ve ever come across. Now I know you probably couldn’t give a monkeys nuts about this, but for those who love to be geeks I thought I’d add that in there. Geeks FTW!

I want to delve into the tables and give you all the juicy gossip but let me just round up the other features. Some of the other Pinball FX2 features have been added to this title, high score system once again features directly updated scores from your friends list and you are once again rewarded with an overall score for all of the tables you have played. You have a Hero ranking which if you do top the leader board you’ll be greeted by the marvel cast in a very short cameo splash screen congratulating you. There is also a combined scoring system which accumulates your score, your friends scores and pits them up against others in an overall high score leader board system. All of these scoring features will most certainly make for added replay value. Trophies are plenty and online multiplayer hot seat is also evident too. Some may say that $10 or around £6.20 is a bit steep for four pinball tables but those that say such words should be sprayed in the face with garlic by Blade himself. The love and craft thrown into this game was so much so that I had to change my boxers twice, gaming love juice can get sticky! Let’s talk about those tables;

Iron Man Table

The weakest of the four tables this one. The Iron Man table has some nice little missions which result in Tony Stark becoming suited as the Iron Man the further you progress, visuals are nice with his nemesis characters included to the side of the pinball table coming to life when hit or particular buttons are switched. It lacks the gimmicks of the other tables but has a nice ball release system.

Wolverine Table

The Wolverine table is packed full of action. You’ll experience fights taking place within the table itself during missions and I won’t spoil it for you but the end bout with Sabretooth is pretty entertaining indeed. This table is richly detailed to the point of the table showing wear and tear from Wolverines claw.

Spiderman Table

Absolutely amazing! This table is full of awesomeness. From the coined phrases of Peter Parker himself to the brilliant missions involving the Green Goblin throwing in a pumpkin bomb to be used as a secondary ball, this table executes satisfaction in both the visual and entertainment levels.

Blade Table

This table I was expecting to hate. Mainly because its design lacks sidewinder ramps and much of the action takes place at the bottom of the table itself, however there is a twist. As you play through there is actually a day and night cycle which changes the aspect of play completely. The Blade table features some excellent missions and it’s pace and chance of multipliers keep pushing you towards some ridiculously high scores.

With Marvel Pinball this isn’t just a fan service, it’s a must own for everyone that buys it. If you love Pinball, buy this game. If you are thinking of picking up a pinball game to give your collection more variety, buy this game! If you love everything Marvel…you know the rest. Ball weight physics, extreme graphical polish, weight, realism and even the opportunity to meddle with the operator manual means unlimited possibility. For the pinball buff this game is the ultimate iteration of pinball to date. Go over to the Marvel Pinball website and vote for Hulk for me!

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  • Adam Burton

    Have to agree with you that Iron Man is the weakest table. Spiderman’s is awesome and i’ve started getting around 70 million on that table. Captain America for next table though

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