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Corrupted Review [XBLIG]
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Saving princesses seems to be a bit of a theme, ever since Nintendo coined the idea there have been a few games over the years that follow the same principle. What if we took that idea and dumped it on its head. What if you had to capture the princesses and feed them to a rather morbid cannibal wizard? Now that sounds like fun. It’s the main premise of the story mode of 240MS points top down hack and slasher Corrupted. Developed by Only Luck Interactive Corrupted gives you all of the hack and slash action whilst throwing in some end level bosses which requires quick movement and an endless supply of sword swipes or long placed bow shots.

You start the game on the outskirt of the forests and proceed to hack your enemy combatants to pieces, you can switch up attacks between sword and bow whilst also charging up elemental power-ups which give the sword or bow more power with fire and ice properties to burn or stop your enemies in their tracks. Corrupted has a few nice RPG properties too where upgrades can be spent to craft your knight to either be deadly up close, or deadly from further away. You’ll find that enemies will try and trap you but luckily you’ll also have a shield bubble to protect you from the onslaught, upgrading the shield is also something that can be done too. If you die crowded you will re-spawn in the same place but cause an after shock taking out a big range of enemies around you.

It doesn’t stop there either, once charged you can use a special attack activating the RB button, the one we especially liked using was the spin attack which will leave enemies dead in your wake. End level bosses are suitably difficult the further you progress and more often than not they’ll be protected by other knight classes which will continue to re-spawn until you take the chief honcho out. Some enemies will drop gold coins which can be spent on upgrading the abilities of your night and it’s the upgrades that keep you wanting to play. You’ll get around 80 minutes of play before you get bored of the single player, but Corrupted wasn’t built in mind to be enjoyed just on your own. It’s offline 4 player co-op where the game starts to get fun, working together or being greedy for the coins is a nice social experience and the games two multiplayer modes become a decent ice-breaker when played too.

In multiplayer you have survival and rush. In survival you have to defeat hordes of enemies, where as in Rush you have to stop the villagers from escaping past you and your defence, this mode highlights that you are evil and continues the theme of being corrupt and devoid of any conscience. No real decent storyline is available on Corrupted, it kind of just glazes over you, but the same happened with Castle Crashers, so it’s hardly something we can criticise it for. It is a hack and slash game at the end of the day though, so it can feel a little repetitive at times. Graphically its competent, some other review sites have been critical over the graphics and I’m not too sure why. Corrupted stands out as one of the better looking games on Xbox Indie, I’d love to see those critical of the graphics play abominations such as A Bombs Way or Maids with Balloons, they’ll soon stop piss and moaning about it.

What would we like to see from Corrupted? Well, we know game updates are regular on Xbox Indie and as such with all of our reviews we allow a score change from up to six months after the game releases. If Only Luck Interactive can construct the ability to play this online and maybe throw in a little exploration to find some hidden materia, we’d be looking at potentially the best game on Xbox Indie Games, can they make it a reality? As it serves the game is worth the 240 Microsoft Points regardless, but if they can provide some updates and add in some fan service free of charge it could end up being one of the most downloaded games on the platform. There is no Luck in what Only Luck Interactive do, just pure skill.

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Corrupted Review [XBLIG], 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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