James Ireland On January - 27 - 2011

If you ever needed anymore of an example to run a free or cut price promotion on a game you have developed then Cover Orange is the best example of it’s success. FDG Entertainment have pulled off a marketing masterstroke to put it’s exceptional physics puzzler Cover Orange into the spotlight. Now in the Top 10 downloaded list on the Apple App Store, Cover Orange is amassing an impressive download rate and is now becoming as a house hold name as Angry Birds. So what is Cover Orange like?

The concept of the game is very easy to understand and levels can be completed in 20 odd seconds. A good thing then that there is well over 100 levels for Cover Orange and more added in title update. The aim of the game is to use droppable objects to cover your orange and protect it from being attacked by acid rain. The acid rain cloud will move over the whole level area and if your orange gets hit by the rain you’ll be asked to replay the stage until you complete it. You can drop various objects such as wheels and barrels, sometimes only presented with one or two objects to cover the orange itself.

The reason why Cover Orange is so addictive is because it is not as simple as building cover, sometimes you will have to trigger environmental objects or time your item drop to change the direction of the Orange as it moves. This means you’ll have to plan and strategise before every level or start a trial and error approach to be successful. Rather than skill being the way to completion like Angry Birds, this is more about logic and using your brain to find the answer. The game reminds me a little of a PC physics based game called Armadillo Run and that’s probably why I love it so much.

The levels as stated can be completed in a matter of seconds, harder levels can take you several minutes of trial and error but either way, for its price it is an absolute bargain. Hitting in at around £0.59 it is one of the best value games on the iPhone that money can buy and its graphical art style and presentation will compliment the whole experience. The environments are colourful and pretty hand drawn landscapes of cottages, forests and country and you cannot help but light up when the Orange animates with its big bulgy eyes and smiling face. These are exactly the type of games the iPhone is made for, quick morsels that can be consumed between short journeys or a nice way to eat through work break.

FDG have made a cracking game, a game that will propel the company financially and enable them to push a bigger budget into future projects. Do not be surprised to see Cover Orange making its way to other platforms either, it’s popularity will continue to propel and increase, we’re looking forward to more levels and more cuteness and hopefully any new levels that get released will make us deep in thought as we try and find the solution.

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