Tom McKeating On January - 31 - 2011
My Kingdom For The Princess 2.

My Kingdom is a time management game for the iPad produced by Nevosoft. The game sets you as Prince Arthur who is stranded with his princess on a remote desert island after their hot air balloon crashes. The locals offer to lend you their last boat and in return you must clean up their island. The story is fairly standard and provides a simple backline to piece together the levels which is to be expected from a title of this type, with the focus not being on a heavily weighted narrative but more a jump-in-jump-out type of gameplay.

The quirky aesthetics are a nice plus and make the game simple to understand and easy to pick up and play, you allocate Arthur to tasks such as reconstructing hovels to produce food and repairing bridges using wood you’ve harvested whilst battling against the clock. The developers do try to vary the level variety to add interest to the game however the game does turn monotonous, repetitive and quite a chore to play at times as there just isn’t the scope for vastly different challenges in level design and the attempts made don’t really cut it.

My Kingdom attempts to tackle the strategy/time management genre and whilst it does do some things well; offering simple, fun in short bursts gameplay, the overall experience is lacking and iPad users will find themselves opting for other titles available for their £2.99.

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