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Released almost 4 years ago, Oblivion was one of my favourite games I had on my 360 and I probably put more hours into it than any other game I had. Yesterday, Bethesda Softworks released a new in-game trailer for its follow-up; Skyrim. Particularly impressive are the forest environments and snowy flyby’s (especially the scattering [...]

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If you ever wanted to raise hype for a game then the guys at Electronic Arts know exactly how to do that. In a package received from WEDO Network we stumbled across some bullets and a personal message from star of Bulletstorm – Grayson Hunt. Bulletstorm is literally moments away from a UK release and [...]

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One thing that the Xbox Live service has been yearning for has been a party racing game that really does pack the competitive punch. Unfortunately games like Things on Wheels, Mad Tracks and a few other hybrid racers haven’t done is fulfilled that real competitive spirit. On the PSN that market has been filled up [...]

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The audacity that Twisted Pixel threatened to sue Capcom for a very similar iPhone game to Splosion Man was probably one of the biggest joke news posts of 2010. Why? Well, it was actually Curve Studios whom came up with the exploding platformer idea – so who’s copying who? Explodemon which has finally seen a [...]

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EA packs in a heavy hitting trailer fro Alice: Madness Returns a return to a game that took the world of Alice in Wonderland and turned it upside down on it’s head. The return of the franchise is eagerly awaited by many of the original release fans. One thing is for sure, Alice: Madness Returns [...]

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Blobs of matter seem to be flavour of the generation, ranking alongside of that of a zombie revival. We have De Blob, A Boy and his Blob and now onto the PSN we have Tales from Space: About a Blob. Needless to say we’ve gone crazy with the physics based properties these balls of goo [...]

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Re-read it if you want but the title wont change. It really says Toasted Sandwich Of Time.. Doc Clock: TTSOT is Stickmen Studios latest release available now on Steam and on the Wii via Wiiware. You play the aforementioned Doc Clock, a inventor who’s experiments don’t really have a tendency to turn out well and who bares an uncanny resemblance to Joss [...]

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WDG Editor James Joell-Ireland talks about how Dead Island could be one of the most important games of recent years. The extremely edgy and controversial game could push narrative to new levels by introducing normal believable every day characters whilst children themselves can fall victim to the zombies. To find out more click the link [...]

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Indie games seem to be the current vogue. With the rise of online content such as Xbox Live Arcade and Facebook applications it’s not hard to understand why new developers are dipping their toes in the water. Some indie titles have even been put up against their multi-million dollar contemporaries in recent award shows. And [...]

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While being something of a niche concept these days, there was a time back in the early 90′s where Point & Click adventures were all the rage. On the Amiga 500 alone, I had both the Monkey Islands, Zak MacKrackren, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Beneath A Steel Sky and Maniac Mansion and can happily [...]

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During those most uncomfortable times when constipation sets in there are a number of methods that any member of the medical profession (or anyone with access to Wikipedia) can recommend: be it a tin of prunes, some Senokot or sitting for hours on the toilet pretending that lodged turd is a bomb about to go [...]

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The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have shown that people do have power despite what we are fed by the mainstream media. The turmoil in the Middle East and Africa has shown that unity and a common purpose can overthrow corrupted governments that have long overstayed their welcome. The recent protests in both countries [...]

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