James Ireland On February - 1 - 2011

The recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have shown that people do have power despite what we are fed by the mainstream media. The turmoil in the Middle East and Africa has shown that unity and a common purpose can overthrow corrupted governments that have long overstayed their welcome. The recent protests in both countries have caused political change. There is hope for a brighter future for those that have been ruled by political hierarchies poisoned by greed and power.

We stand at a similar position here in the United Kingdom. Recent government actions have caused many to lose their jobs and many to rely on the welfare state whilst others lives have changed by the rapid cuts to the public sector, yet many of us stand idly by and allow this to happen under the propaganda played down by the Conservative government that these measures are necessary to restore our economy. Unfortunately government propaganda is nothing more than a smokescreen, we’re led to believe that our previous Labour government are to blame for these measures of austerity when in fact it was a manufactured implosion by world banks to gain more political power and swallow up smaller banks in the process. This isn’t a conspiracy, this is mere fact.

Egyptian civilians stand up against corrupt Government

One of the most powerful tools in achieving these aims are through suppressing public outrage by distraction, one of those distractions are TV but the other is a much more powerful, a much more immersive distraction, a distraction myself have battled to deal with – video games. We live in a society where we work ten hours a day and are pummelled senseless with advertising and we are told that rich and fame are the two cornerstones of which we should strive for in our lives. These ideologies further serve the financial backing for the big conglomerate companies to carry on their malicious work. For around five years now I have tried to ignore the atrocities around me by escaping into the world of video games, delving into the matrix world of code and polygons as my synapses absorb every ounce of entertainment crafted by the many talented video game developers in the world. It’s the escapism itself that nullifies my need to stand up and be counted, it creates numbness from the outside world and in essence this is a very dangerous path to go down.

The media are very quick to demonise the video game industry for violent video games or video game addiction but what the media should be focusing on is that video games are very good at desensitizing the population from caring about the more important basic fundamental principles in the world. As millions die of starvation, malnutrition or are innocently blown up because of tides of needless war we’re all too busy battling our own wars between people on games consoles. Sure, its entertainment and pretty enjoyable but as technology continues to develop experiences will become so immersive that they’ll almost if not indefinitely be considered as an absolute necessity maybe even an alternative to live life in itself. Some may say that the film Surrogates (that stars Bruce Willis) is a little too far fetched but such technology isn’t actually far away from delivering experiences directly to the brain. Some might say that the events in Total Recall are completely preposterous but RFID and nanotechnology already exists and being experimented on as we speak.

The man who brought you Xbox also wants to bring you vaccines that quell population overgrowth, do the maths!

Whilst we are not at the realms of technology to deliver the ultimate distraction, we are delving deeper into a world of no return. Already today’s entertainment is producing a dumber society, a society of lazy people that are by and large happy to be raped for their every penny as long as they can go home and watch X-Factor or escape from the rigors of life by playing through hours of developed code for the satisfaction of a trophy or some added gamer score. What’s even darker about this end game is that Microsoft’s Bill Gates is a key player politically and has spoken openly about using vaccinations to curb population growth. Bill Gates speech at TED 2010 was an eerie insight into the mind of a man using climate change as a means to justify eugenics, yet myself and many others are still buying his manufactured material possessions.

Even with the likes of Gates ideologies in plain view we are programmed to want the latest technology has to offer, I myself am still despite the subliminal dangers of distraction am some what looking forward to what Microsoft serves the public in future home entertainment production. How many of you can seriously say that you’ve never skipped an evening out with your friends so you can play Xbox? How many of you can plausibly deny that you’ve skipped work in favour of playing the latest Playstation 3 release? With this in mind I think we have a very small percentile that can honestly state that they have never done this, but for those that have – can you see how these entertainment mediums are changing your habits, distracting you from the outside world? I have fallen into that category myself and it can feel very much like quick sand, it’s so easy to get lost in a game – to not care about what is going on around you but something has got to give. I’m not saying for a minute give up what you enjoy doing, I write about games almost every single day of my life, though with recent realisations that may be less of a factor, but what I will say here is that it’s time to disconnect yourself and see the other game that is being played around you as we speak. We are all being played like pawns in a global game of chess and if we continue to stand idly by and allow the corrupt governments, banking institutions, globalisation and the financial oligarchy take control of every single resource and clamp further on our civil liberties it may actually be too late to do anything about it all.

We live in a police state to control you, not to protect you.

Turn off your consoles! You are perfect as you are, you do not need to buy cosmetics. You do not need to own the latest home theatre system and you don’t need to enslave yourself to this web of debt our society is in. You also don’t need to be distracted from the important things in life; family, justice and freedom. Step away from your machines and question everything around you, once you are fully aware and have unplugged yourself from the matrix you will see that these facets of entertainment are no longer as important as you once first thought. In the fight against adversity these entertainment devices we all love should play second fiddle whilst we readdress the balance and bring back core values to our society, to my fellow human beings in Tunisia and Egypt I show solidarity, we have the power to make things right – it is not game over yet.

If you are interested in finding out more about the world we really are living in, we recommend watching the following documentaries. End Game 1.5, Fabled Enemies, Money Masters, The Obama Deception, Outfoxed, Loose Change Final Cut, The Keiser Report.

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  • https://twitter.com/kiffar Matt

    Wonderful piece!

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  • https://www.facebook.com/heidious Andrew Heaton

    As a regular reader of infowars.com I am pleased to see that others out there understand the blanket of distraction that we’ve all been placed under. And I say this as a regular gamer (in fact I’ve just joined this site as a contributor).

    It’s important to understand that entertainment is a way to keep your mind occupied. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We need distractions in some form or another; we need to be able to escape…whether it’s in a book, an outing to the cinema, an evening out with friends or even computer games. They break up the otherwise monotony of our lives.

    More technologically-developed societies such as our own or the U.S. will struggle to pull themselves away from their couches in order to instigate any kind of upheaval. And I’m pretty sure governments and authoritarian bodies know this…

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