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Does the name Jane Jensen mean anything to you? It didn’t to me and upon receiving my review copy of Grey Matter, I actually had to research who she was as her name was plastered on the cover. I was however pleasantly surprised to find out that she was the writer of Police Quest 3 [...]

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The very first Ghostbusters film premiered in 1984, the year I was born. That’s 27 years and it seems like just yesterday that my father introduced me to the amazing film on video cassette when I was five years old. Since that time I have seen both films countless times, watched the “Real Ghostbusters” cartoon [...]

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Well folks, it your good ol’ pal Joker here again, but instead of bringing you another stellar review like the one i posted last night for Crysis 2, I instead come in a more somber note with some terrible news. Duke Nukem Forever has officially been delayd until June 14 (US) an June 10 (internationally). [...]

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After what I would call a dismal winter for games with barely any huge titles coming out, Dead Space 2 being the only notable title I can think of. Spring has finally arrived and with it has come a flood of big name titles. Kicking things off we had Dragon Age 2, Homefront, and this [...]

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“Do Your Bit to support the Japanese Red Cross at this time of need!”. - James Joell-Ireland | Editor | We Do Network For the next two days, until March 24th at 5PM Japan time, when you shop at, 100% of the value of your order, including postal costs, will be donated to the disaster relief fund [...]

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There is something about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops that both games leave a void in the online experience we were really looking for. Black Ops in general is devoid of any real strategy regardless of whether you are playing the most team based objectives, a large reason for that [...]

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Road Construction Simulator is out! But is it any good? The Gamer Geezer gives us the low down on this release from Excalibur Publishing. The game retails at £17.99 but is it worth the money? Find out in our video below. The Gamer Geezer will be making exclusive videos for Check out his dedicated [...]

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WEDO Network is delighted to announce that The Gamer Geezer is back and this time on an exclusive basis. Gamer Geezer, Simon Elliot joins us back from a long period of absense and will be making videos exclusively for this website. His reviews are informative and hilarious and his up and coming review Road Construction [...]

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With the manufactured implosion of the world economy in 2008 and the middle east uprising of 2011, the world is a frightening place to live right now - which makes Kaos Studios Homefront plot even more plausable. In Homefront the events are taking place in 2027 where an energy crisis has left countries fighting each [...]

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A few months ago, I set about reviewing Alien Breed 2: Assault. I found that while it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it was also quite tedious. With the release of Decent and the trilogy coming to a close, its time to see if they saved the best for last. For those that [...]

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Grayson Hunt is back out there in the field this time kicking ass at a nightclub. We go and take a look at the very powerful handgun which features an upgraded firework shot charge which is hilarious - when used with a Thumper as you’ll see it creates a spectacular finishing move on an enemy. [...]

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Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be fat? Well they’ve only gone and made an app for it haven’t they! Fat Booth is a fantastic little application that magically transforms you into a Rick Waller impersonator. It really is a fantastic piece of kit which is well worth your time and [...]

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Not so much a game as an absolute hilarious application that is for the iPhone - we couldn’t help but take a look at this one. The game distinctly changes your age and makes you look as if you have had 60 cigarettes a day for 30 years and discovered an addiction for alcohol. The [...]

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Ice cream, ice cream! - If a fortune teller came up to me and told me that Bitmap Brothers iconic classic Speedball 2 was finally going to get a remake that did the original justice and that that would happen on the iPhone and iPad, I would have murdered his children and told the police [...]

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James and Steve takes a look at a twitch based game for Xbox Indie Games called Zombie Sausages, this game is very similar to the Sniper games that were available in the early days of Indie Games on Xbox but it adds a smattering of humor and some nice explosive moments too. Can we recommend [...]

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I decided to take a second look at this game as my initial impressions of it were very positive, under the workload of a few weeks ago I handed this game to one of our fellow staff members and the score was not favourable. It was a slight oversight on my behalf for distributing such [...]

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Bulletstorm leapt off the page as being a Multiplayer hit at the Eurogamer Expo 2010, it made sense given it’s style that a multiplayer experience would set the bar highly. Given that this game was to come out of the publishing arm that is Epic would also suggest that there would be an online campaign [...]

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