James Ireland On March - 17 - 2011

WEDO Network is delighted to announce that The Gamer Geezer is back and this time on an exclusive basis. Gamer Geezer, Simon Elliot joins us back from a long period of absense and will be making videos exclusively for this website. His reviews are informative and hilarious and his up and coming review Road Construction Simulator is bound to have you in absolute stitches! Simon will still be making personal videos on YouTube but any review content sent will be exclusively hosted on wedogames.net, so if you love his stuff and are a subscriber of his, you’ll have to come here to see the full picture! Take a look at one of Simon’s hilarious reviews - Tow Truck Simulator.

Check out Simon’s dedicated page (under construction currently) and check back for what is new to this website and his page. You don’t want to miss it!

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