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In 2060, the Sun began emitting incredible volumes of energy from the coronal layer, pummeling Earth with solar flares and inundating the planet with radiation - Earth’s magnetic field was a miserly defense against such an onslaught.

Arable land quickly diminished; wastelands became more common and vast; major cities were either evacuated or received an unsustainable influx of refugees; quickly it became apparent that the only chance for human survival is the wholehearted concentration into space technologies, and an eventual colonization of extra-terrestrial lands.

So did we band together gallantly to save our common species?

Did we put aside our differences in search of a common resolve for this immediate threat of extinction?

No. We’re human beings and we did what comes naturally: we fought for resources and scrapped over the husks, and when we managed to create sustainable ecosystems in space, we began fighting for resources all over again…


The Mining Wars happened.



Miner Wars is in development by Keen Software House using the gorgeous VRage Engine. The game takes place in space around the year 2081 and is a 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) space shooter with destructible environments, a single player and co-op mode and a Miner Wars MMO in development. You can build bases, fully customize your ship, battle other players and loot their equipment, set up ambushes, undergo missions, explore asteroids for rare materials that can be sold or turned into ship upgrades; the universe is yours to do as you please.
The game boasts to having many different elements including:

With the destructible environments, nothing stands in your way. It’s quite possible to blast a tunnel in an asteroid, using it as a hiding spot for your loot, or lay in wait for some unsuspecting poor bastard. Whilst playing this game, one thing came to mind; EVE Online without the skill structure, more fast paced, fully controlled and first person view. In this game there are no levels to grind out, no skills or talent trees to plan out; just you, your ships weapons, and your own luck.

Mining seems like it will play a heavy role in this game, I don’t know why it’s just a hunch.

With over 50 different types of ore, each with a value whether it’s economic based or valued as an important ship upgrade, mining will be essential and probably the blood flowing through the veins of this game. You can mine in the alpha now but it appears it’s just there for show and to get a feel of how it’ll work.

I am not raping this asteroid.. okay I am raping it ..of it's natural resources. BOOSH!

There’s a lot of focus on the customization aspect; heavy customization. You can open the menu to check out the different ship classes (Miner Ship 1-10, Talon, and RIGJ), weapons, tools, ammo, even engine. Now since this isn’t full release, none of this serves any use whatsoever as it isn’t available but it is a nice tickle to your sack at things to come.

Roll the die and choose one, it doesn't matter anyway.


As I’ve stated, this game is currently in pre-alpha so as far as the story mode goes; it doesn’t. Upon starting the story mode you’re left inside a rather large asteroid and maneuvering around will lead you into ambushes from drone NPCs. You can either navigate your way through or just blow the piss out of the whole damn thing and fly out.

Reminds me of prom night, which hole should I enter?

Either way, the choice is yours and its unscripted things like this which make the game very promising. There is an ally bot you can pick up and I recommend in doing so because the enemies are rather relentless, if you can find them. Some of them are so holed up into an asteroid it took me tens of rockets and at least an hour of weaving in and out of the spider-holes before one would appear on my dick randomly like a herpes outbreak. Luckily my bot was there to help me out.


Maybe I’m just a moron and missing something important but I have yet to find the purpose in story mode. I’ve killed all the enemies in game, flown around until I’ve shoved my mouse up my ass just out of sheer boredom, even reset the solar-wind a few times just because; nothing. The real fun to be had in this alpha is the Sandbox mode.

Sandbox basically puts you into the middle of space with a horde of enemies in front of you. They don’t engage you until you fly closer to them so this will give you some time to plan out your slaughter. You do have some friendly bots to fly alongside and will help with the destruction but they’re not really needed, the enemies are pretty easy.

This mode is great to get a feel of the combat and hone your skills until the game comes out in late 2011 on the PC and XBOXLive Arcade. You can currently pre-order the game for PC now over at the Miner Wars website

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