James Ireland On April - 9 - 2011

Myself and Andy Knight from TIMJ sat down inside the Sports Bar - Trocadero with a nice alcoholic beverage to mull over our thoughts about the forthcoming DiRT3 event taking place at Battersea Power Station. Twitter was awash of speculation referencing the event started earlier and as per usual my conspiracy hat was on, so ignore the part at the beginning lol! Anyway, enjoy these before and after thoughts. Ken Block we love you, we love you too other guy, Meek? I don’t know…but going back through the photo’s he looked rather depressed that Ken was getting all the limelight. Christian Stevenson whom is in charge of choosing the music for the game truly believes that DiRT3 will have the best musical playlist since GTA: Vice City, a tall order to beat but we’ll enjoy his optimism as he is a funny f*cker as you’ll see in our video coverage coming extremely soon!


So we decided it would be worthwhile recording a little podcast of our thoughts after leaving the event. This was filmed down at Camden Docks after scoffing a stupidly fat burger and chips. Not only did we ingest rubber, dirt and fumes thanks to Mr Block but we also resorted to eating tonnes of crap, anyway enough of the randomness click the play button!


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