James Ireland On April - 9 - 2011

He left us in dust, literally! To hype up the game Ken Block gives us an exhbibition in Gymkhama the new decipline featured in DiRT3. There were various viewing areas to watch him drive for most of the day, needless to say you really need to be there to appreciate just how much of a good driver he is!

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  • https://www.obygden.se/ The Stig

    Firstly I thank you for posting a video of this.

    That out of the way:
    Geeesh do not ever again try to tape something holding the camera skewed and filming your mouth and reactions (if your really must comment, do so via voice) instead of Mr. Block.
    (we are all waiting to see him, not your mouth nor the areas he is NOT in)

    Just a tip for next time you want to capture something special. :D

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