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Newly released game this week on Xbox 360 arcade is ‘Yar’s Revenge’ 30 years later to the follow up off the original game which was released in 1981. The original was made by the company called Atari, it was a single player only game and was Atari’s best selling original title for the Atari 2600. I will be looking at the Xbox 360 version that was developed by Killspace Entertainment for Atari.

Yar’s Revenge is a 3rd person arcade shooter, the player assuming the role Yar, a deadly agent of destruction which has been brainwashed by the Qotile, to kill the innocent. When Yar realizes the truth she sets out on a mission to get revenge on them.

The story of the game is delivered to player through a comic book style with artistic pictures, with writing attached. The story of this game does not really matter due to not being able to keep track of it, partly down to text appearing throughout the game during fighting lots of enemies, so I’d rather kill than die.

An important aspect of the game is that of camera which takes you on a linear path while you kill, kill, more killings of bugs, while you fly through going up/down left/right, seeing some visual beautiful environments, using different weapons and power ups. Controls are easy to get used to, left analogue stick to aim/lock onto enemies and RT to fire your gun, RB to fire secondary gun which is a one hit kill on most enemies and you also have several power ups at your disposal when collected like healing your character.

Another part of this game is that of a score based multiplier system whereby killing enemies will increase your score level and in turn increase your score total and if you are out of battle for a while the level counter will reset.

Yar’s Revenge takes place over six stages with limited checkpoints in each level, which was annoying sometimes like me dying near the boss on the first stage several times and then starting far back, having to do it again. Not only limited checkpoints per level but limited lives or retries of that level. The game as a whole is not extremely long, but playing for an hour straight can make you feel tired and may need to give the fingers a break.

When each stage is completed you have the chance to go back and do it again through challenge mode, this limits what the game will provide you in each stage, like unlimited missiles, with no power ups etc. I found these modes intriguing and fun to play.

I mentioned earlier about the environment visuals for each stage which have a variety of colours in the surroundings and enemies that the player has to look at when slaughtering enemies lots of enemies, which is pleasing on the eye to see. One feature of this game that was annoying when playing through the game sometimes on the bottom right corner of the screen the characters would talk, but it would be in text format, so while you are dealing with lots of enemies on screen, and also trying to read the text it can be a bit hard, so most of the time I never read it due to me killing enemies rather than dying. So I never really got parts of the story like why I was fighting this boss or why was I in this level etc.

Yar’s Revenge overall is a fun game to play by yourself, but it has the option for local co-op, which would be more fun flying around with a friend. When you purchase the full game you unlock concept Art of the game and 1981 Comic Book in extras, on the main menu.

To wrap up this is not the best game I have ever played but it does have some flaws, like not able to read all the text in the game without dying many times, short overall game, no real connection to the original game, but I have to say I enjoyed the game.

The game is 800 Microsoft Points, which also on the PSN and PC.


Local Co-op, Nice art and visuals, Basic/easy controls Hard to keep up with the story, Story is not that long, Can get repetitive

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