Craig Baker On May - 10 - 2011

Abandoning their traditional modus operandi of large open world RPG’s like Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series, Bethesda this week brings us the highly anticipated first person shooter with extreme parkour elements that is Brink. Let’s find out if Bethesda’s leap of faith in the multiplayer shooter genre pays off or falls flatter than Paris Hilton’s tits.

I would have to say the biggest element in Brink outside of the gameplay is the incredibly deep level of character customization. You can change every part of your character so that your unique personality can come through in the immersive shooter. Starting out you may not have many clothing options, but you will quickly begin unlocking items to change your character in both the multiplayer and single player offerings. Customization doesn’t stop at your appearance either. You can swap different types of weapon setups, attachments, and character abilities.

Now that you have your character created it is time to jump in and play. Brink offers a unique story style that allows you to play in co-op or versus multiplayer. You can also avoid the online and go at the game solo if you want. I will warn you though that playing with the AI is a bit risky because while the enemy AI can seem extremely smart in their tactics like abilities to flank and suppress, you bot teammates aren’t so adept. They seem to keep going the same routes again and again only to be repeatedly mowed down. And in a game where team work is essential, I would say playing with a group of friends is your best option.

The objective types vary, but should be familiar to hardcore shooter fans. You aren’t able to search for games like a traditional shooter. There is no TDM or objective based modes to select from. Instead each level has a specific set of mission parameters which can range from planting explosive, protecting a VIP, or hacking systems. You can also easily locate side missions with you objective wheel. Performing such actions like cutting off a supply station or blowing up a stair case to change the route your enemy is taking.

One thing I found in the game that I thought to be quite cool were the different types of controls you can change to in the options. No matter what game you are most comfortable playing; whether it be Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War, Halo and a few more, you will be able to use that particuliar games control scheme. Each one is aptly named something cheeky in reference to the game it hails from. You also have the abilty to make a custom setup and map controls to a button of your choosing.

Further adding depth to the game is the fun and engaging challenge modes. These allow you to run through some training simulators like parkour courses designed to improve your in game abilities as well as teach you about all of the games amazing mechanics. Completing these challenges also can net you a nifty xp bonus as well as some unlocks for your character.

The graphics in Brink are good at times and poor in other areas. The cut scenes can be gorgeous to watch and the character models in the customization screen look fantastic. When you get in game though a lot of the textures look flat. The audio is rather good, you can clearly hear enemy footsteps and every gun has a distinct sound and feel to it.

Overall I have to say Brink delivered the goods. It may not offer a traditional type of single player experience, but then again it never promised to. I knew what I was getting when I picked up Brink this morning. And while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly tickles my pickle and fans of other great games like Team Fortress and Monday Night Combat should feel comfortable with Brink. Hope to see you all online soon. Cheers.


Deep Character Customization, Addictive Multiplayer, Drop In-Drop Out CampaignFlat Textures, Stupid AI at Times
  • Matt

    Reviewers are saying this game is horrible.. but I’m fucking loving it.

  • Gdc2011

    finally an honest fucking review

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