Craig Baker On May - 15 - 2011

Released this week alongside Brink was the eleventh installment of the Lego games series. Of course I am speaking of none other than Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Get ready me hearties as we swashbuckle our way from Port Royal, through Davey Jones’ Locker, and finally end up doing battle with Black Beard on the high seas.

I am a huge fan of the Lego series and when I heard that Traveler’s Tales was choosing to attack Pirates of the Caribbean as their next project I was wetter than a Mermaid’s twat on a hot July afternoon. In Lego Pirates you start in Port Royal and once completing the level the whole Port is available to you. Certain areas must be unlocked by playing through the game, but once you open them the amount of exploration that can be done seems endless. Port Royal follows in tradition of other titles where your home base can offer up as much gameplay as the story for completionists like me. Dozens of characters can be unlocked and collectibles are around almost every corner.

If you have played Lego games before than the gameplay here won’t offer too much in the realm of surprises. Platforming and sword play is similar to the Lego Star Wars games. Certain characters are required to unlock secret areas and collectibles. Jack Sparrow also has his special compass which like in the movies can help you to find what you truly desire. The compass plays a large part in solving puzzles and finding collectibles. Another cool element new to the series is the ability to start a sword fight with anyone in your party. So if your getting bored, whip out you cutlass and start hacking at Will Turner and he will actually begin to fight back.

If you have kids and like to play games yourself, than you really need to pick this game up. The split screen works exceptionally well. In Lego Star Wars 3 we were introduced to the new co-op camera system which allows your partner to wander off to other areas without it affecting what you are doing. The split screen works seamlessly. It’s a shame that the game doesn’t allow online cooperative play. Online has been missing since the first Star Wars games and it really needs to make a comeback, although I doubt we will see it anytime soon. Recently in an interview one of the developers said they thought the game was best played with two people on the same television. But if you ask this reviewer, it sounds like a load of bullshit. I think it’s just cheaper to leave off the online component so they can try and turn out as many Lego games as possible.

Nothing has changed much in the graphics department. Traveler’s Tales started using a new engine back on the Lego Harry Potter game which really helped make the colors vibrant and add some gorgeous textures to the environments. This is all on display in Lego Pirates. Every back drop in the game was done extremely well and the water effects are fantastic. The outstanding audio track also really adds to the feeling that you are in this pirate world. All of the licensed music from the films can be heard playing during the game. I really get pumped up when I hear the Pirates theme song going off while I hack and slash through enemies.

Overall it’s more of the same from the Lego series. If you like Lego games than you will probably like this game. I am quite happy with the amount of content in the games and it should provide close to 50 hours of gameplay to get everything done. Lego Pirates is a near perfect game and if it had the online co-op I would probably have given this game a perfect score. A quick side note I would like to add is that Traveler’s Tale are presently in development of five more Lego Games. Shrek, Spy Kids, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter: Years 5-7, and Lord of the Rings are all set to be getting their very own coat of Lego paint in the coming years. No release dates have been given yet on these games.


It's Lego Pirates!, Amazing Graphics, Great SoundtrackStill no online Co-op
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