Craig Baker On May - 17 - 2011

Yesterday afternoon I recieved an email from Gamestop which was addressed to all persons whom have the Power Up Rewards Card. It said that if you pre-order Modern Warfare 3 now that you would recieve a free double sided poster. One side of the poster was also meant to contain spoilers that they said won’t be revealed to the world on May 20th. I am hear to to report that I picked up one of the posters and can now share these spoilers with all of you. Below I will list all spoilers from the poster and some pictures of the actual poster.

  • Soap McTavish and Captain Price are on the run from Interpol.
  • There is apparent tension going on in europe. Which backs up recent rumors that part of the games setting could take place in London or Paris.
  • The back drop of the poster appears to be New York, which was also a rumoured location.
  • There were peace talks with the Russians, but the President of Russia backed off after his daughter has gone missing.
  • The United Nations has called together an emergency summit causing Coalition Forces to be on high alert.
  • The United States is still assessing the damage done to the east coast, obviously referring to events in the previous title.
  • General Shepherd is being laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery after his “early departure” via swift knife to the eye.

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