James Ireland On July - 28 - 2011

A simulator game that is worth buying? For the first time since German Truck Simulator, a simulator game has come out with distinguished build quality and is actually allot of fun to play. Astragon’s Demolition Company: Gold Edition does that very well indeed. Check out our comprehensive 16 minute video review that will no doubt have you walking down to the local Gamestation and picking up your most unusual game purchase yet!


Explosions rock!, Easy controls, Great progressionCan't blow up everything, cannot roam everywhere, no street pedestrians


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  • https://www.kitguru.net/forum/gaming-news/9118-demolition-company-gold-edition-video-review.html#post42580 Demolition Company: Gold Edition Video Review - Kit Guru community

    [...] walking down to the local Gamestation and picking up your most unusual game purchase yet! Source: Wedogames __________________ Comedy is acting out optimism - Robin [...]

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