Craig Baker On August - 24 - 2011

It’s been over ten years since the release of the original Deus Ex game launched for the PC and ever since then its fans have been craving a sequel deserving of carrying the brand name. A piss poor attempt was made with the follow up game titled Invisible War. Now here we are and its 2011 with a new developer taking on its very first project with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The boys at Eidos Montreal had a lot to live up to as far as fan expectations go and making a transition to consoles has proven to hinder some pc developers in the past. Let’s find out if they can deliver on the hype leading up to the games release and come full circle with an engaging multi-platform sequel to the epic Deus Ex franchise.

For those that aren’t familiar with the franchise, Deus Ex is a cyber punk RPG/FPS set in a future where technology has taken over and perhaps gone too far. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set 20 year prior to the events of the original game in the year 2027. The player controls Adam Jensen, head of security at Sarif Industries. After an attack on the labs of Sarif, Jensen’s tale begins as he investigates the reasons behind the attacks. We quickly learn that there is a division between those that believe augmentations are a crime against man and those like Sarif Industries who make there billions on selling augmentations to the masses.

Deus Ex: HR takes place in a large open world. Interacting with different people and exploring is what makes Human Revolutions worth your time. Chiming in at around 25-40 hours for a single play through, this game definitely offers a large variety of missions and side quests to keep you busy. The games story and the way it forces you to make decisions has the game practically begging for multiple play throughs. The player can also chose to not only affect the story but also how the game is played. You can go at it stealthy, guns blazing, and even use your ability to speak to negotiate your way through certain situations. Upgrades and augmentations help to aid you in what ever play style you choose. So if you want to play the game stealthy you can choose to do so and apply your upgrade points to the different stealth augmentations like an invisibility cloak to aid in sneaking past bad guys.

As far as the games overall presentation goes, I have to say that I was impressed. The games art style is impressive and despite being almost exclusively set at night time, the game manages to deliver a colorful and vibrant world. The voice acting for Deus is also top notch and the soundtrack provides a nice background for the game.

Overall I am completely enjoying my experience so far with Human Revolution. I am looking forward to a second and possibly third play through. With its stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and fantastic RPG elements I have no problem giving this game a near perfect score. Everyone at Eidos Montreal deserves some kudos for a job well done on their first game. You can pick up Deus Ex: Human Revolution today in North America and on Friday, the 26th in Europe and Japan.


Hardocore RPG Elements, Long Engaging Campaign, Back To BasicsNot For the Casual Gamer

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  1. GrayFox says:

    I fell in love with the first Deus Ex, I got so immersed in that game it blew my mind. I had never played anything like it. I never expected them to be able to match it, I put it down as one of those games that is a one off. So Human Revolution wasn’t even on my radar as I thought it would never be as good as the original.

    I am so happy that this game delivered and I ordered it today after reading a lot of glowing reviews for it. Well done Eidos, and you review gets a thumbs up, especially for using the phrase piss poor. I use that a lot for things I don’t like.

  2. GrayFox says:

    Just one more thing, you have it down as a con that this game is not for the casual gamer, SHAME ON YOU! there is enough games for casuals, if every game was made casual friendly then Human Revolution would be PISS POOR and you wouldn’t have any challenge in games and nothing like Demon Souls or Dark Souls would exist. We need hardcore games. Let the casuals play COD until the cows come home. I’ve been waiting for a long time for games that are truly challenging. Don’t ever say it’s a negative or you will get watered down casual crap for the rest of your life.

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