James Ireland On August - 27 - 2011

James Ireland brings us the latest simulator creation from Condo Media and Astragon. Is it much fun at the port putting containers on ships? Well probably not but does the game actually work and keep enough variation to continue the interest after the initial hour or two of play? Find out.

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  1. Tyler says:

    Jimmie, by calling yourself a “video game reviewer” in any capacity you are perpetrating a massive fraud against anyone who views and listens to your “review.” This is not a review, it is a pitiful video that demonstrates that you cannot even master a game that has five control buttons that were designed so that a 3-year-old can easily master them. And then there is your profanity, which clearly you think adds something to tyour “reviews.” Here is a hint for free: Go out and purchase a dictionary and keep it next to your dunny, and READ it. By expanding your vocabulary you can then communicate ideas and express your thoughts in meaningful ways.

    You were called out in another review of this game — the reviewer in that one says:

    “Clearly you did not bother to read the
    box back matter as your disappointment that you failed to find
    something other than what you did find — and were meant to find -
    suggests that you are completely unfamiliar with the simulation game
    genre. If you are going to insist on being called a game reviewer,
    I feel that it is a moral imperative to call you out into the street
    and demand that you actually review a video game first. Until you do
    actually properly review a game, please stop referring to yourself as
    a game reviewer?”


    So what do you say Jimster? Will you actually do a real game review to prove that you can?

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