Angelica Gutierrez On March - 6 - 2012

Justin Beiber and other teenage heart breakers make me curious if girls are starting to fall in love earlier than they did in my time. Get aquainted with Austin Mahone who is only 15 years old but his videos have become very popular among the Internet. Many people are referring to him as the next Justin Bieber. Some of Bieber’s fans refer to him as just another clone. It’s hard to deny the fact that Austin Mahone has almost half a million twitter followers and he is using the same social media strategy that worked for Justin.

Who is Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone, now classified as an American pop singer, was born April 5, 1996. This makes the rising pop sensation a 15 year old teenager seeking the fame and fortune that comes with being a pop singer. Mahone, born to a loving and nurturing family in San Antonio, TX, first caught the eye of the unsuspecting public in mid to late 2011. Like any epic story of stardom, Mahone comes from a history of tragedy. Mahone’s father passed away when he was a baby. His mother raised him on her own. He grew up in the suburbs of San Antonio listening to the likes of Justin Bieber, and other poppy teen singers. Mahone cites Bieber as being his primary influence for performing.

How the Mahone Phenomenon Started

Mahone started by covering Justin Bieber songs and posting them to social media and video sharing sites, like with his childhood friend Alex Constancio in late 2010. By January 2011, Mahone’s video for Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe went viral. In almost a year’s time, Austin Mahone has gained over 300,000 followers on Twitter, and nearly 300,000 new subscribers on his video sharing websites. He has become a social media phenomenon virtually overnight. His phenomenon is so widespread that he performed his first concert in November 2011. Mahone’s online videos have become so popular that they have eclipsed the popularity of Justin Bieber’s original videos online. Also, as of December 2nd of 2011, Mahone was number 28 on the Billboard charts.

What’s a Mahomie

As with any teenage pop star, Mahone has a rapidly growing fan base of teenage girls. Out of Mahone’s band of 300,000 plus Twitter followers, most of those followers are teenage girls. In fact, a large faction of these girls have dubbed themselves, Mahomies, which is a play on the budding pop star’s last name.

What’s Mahone Up to Now

Even though Austin Mahone is currently being billed as the next big thing, he remains refreshingly humble. In interviews, Mahone states that any time a fan sends him a Tweet or a private message he is grateful for the acknowledgement. Right now Mahone is currently working on a batch of new cover songs. He hopes to move away from just doing Bieber and major pop song covers. He hopes to make an album, and play more live performances in the not too distant future. Keep a look out for the latest Austin Mahone cover on

Austin Mahone has always been a first adopter of social media strategies. One thing he’s joined recently has been Keek.

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