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In the past the business executives and the professionals used to start their day reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee made by their barista and checking the updates that what is going on in the world. Most of the professionals started their day with the fragrance of the coffee and the smell of the newspaper freshly delivered to them. Well this kind of scene is starting to get dated with the introduction of the truly ‘smart’ smart phones. With the introduction of smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S2, people who are on the go and with a tight schedule now have options when it comes to their source of websites.

Right now the trend is to check the latest news from the palm of their hands, from their smart phones that is. Thanks to the news apps and websites for Samsung Galaxy S2, keeping tab of the news is made possible even while you are on the go, attending meetings or even waiting for your turn in the restaurant. So don’t be surprised to see busy professionals who are busy and tapping away in their Samsung fitted with Samsung Galaxy S2 accessories just to read up and listen to the latest news and developments. You too can do the same and treat yourself to new on-demand. This can be made possible by adding the news websites and applications to the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The most recommended news application is the Feedly which is supported by the Twitter and the Google Reader. There are two versions of this application and you can choose the dark or the light one. Just tap the header bar of this app and you will be presented with news feeds. Sign up with your Google Reader and this will be replaced by your pre-selected Google settings.

You can also try out the Pulse news application. All your favored websites will be treated to a colorful and fun mosaic. You can also add your interested categories like social, technical or arts on the home screen. You can get the all the news feed related to a category by just clicking on it.

You can also get your dose of daily news from the CNN application for the android like Samsung Galaxy S2. From cable channel to the smart phone, this app continues the tradition of excellence in delivering news to viewers. Another best thing about this application is that you can also get the videos along with the latest news. What makes this news app is different is that you can submit news through iReport. Use the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket case and the Samsung Galaxy S2 screen protector and get this application for the submission of news and get the best reporting experience if you love the news reporting.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 smart phones has brought a new revolution and you can have the access to the news right at your hand. So hurry up and get the news application for your Samsung smart phone. The way of getting the information has been changed with the discovery of the smart phones. Through top smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S2, you can now get news and information while on the go. This is made possible through news apps. Click here for the latest in accessories for Galaxy Skyrocket as well as the latest accessories news for Epic 4G Touch here.

The best way to get the most out of your phone is with best smart phone accessories. Accessories like best smart phone batteries are the perfect example.

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