Alex Jale On September - 10 - 2012

It is good to use the smart phones in the schools as well because they are not just the phones. If you ask me the same question some 20 years ago then my answer will be no. I support the students to take their phones with them to school because they have learning material as well.

The accessories for LG Connect 4G are items that help enhance the features of your mobile phone. What I mean when I say this is that the phone in question is designed with a lot of accessories that will help you learn faster and easier. It has been discovered that a shift from the traditional ways of learning most cases yield more positive results from these ways. The most common and interesting thing is that you can record your lectures and can listen to them even if you are at home. This is not possible otherwise to record the whole lecture for and to listen it again. This will enhance your learning. What you see, watch and listen to in many ways register in your brain more than what you read in papers. This is what the recording of your lectures with this device will be like.

The phone in question is enhanced with a dual core processor that is very effective. You can use it as your official computer in your school. You can organize you activities and can also take print or scan something. But while performing these functions that are enhanced by the screen, try and protect your phone with an LG Connect 4G mobile screen protector. You can record different experiments that you are doing in the laboratories and this will have a good memorable effect on your mind. The type you will never forget.

You can also organize your activities and functions with the help of “To do” list. The alarm clock set will also make sure you never miss any learning or extracurricular exercise in school. This will make sure that you will not be missing out anything as well as there will be no clash in the timing of two different things. Then there are some activities that you can carry on with the help of GPS. You can also use the mapping and the location especially of you are a student of geography or history. They will help you in the map reading and location finding courses. They will also give you the leverage of finding the areas you have been taught in History and Geography.

You must not worry if you have to calculate something as you are a student of mathematics because there are all the applications which can help you to calculate different results. This way you do not have to take so many things with you to your school. This single device will help you in organizing yourself and then to do the calculations and recording of your lectures. This device is made to perform multiple tasks at one place. You should try to protect your phone with a LG Connect 4G cover so as to avoid getting your phone affected by the rowdy and rugged university environment that is occasioned by the numerous academic works going on.

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