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It the current age it is not the dog but the smart phone that is now man’s best friend. Now a smart phone does all those things that were done by the computer once. The list of things that a smart phone can do now is very long, some of them include watching videos, gaming, browsing internet, playing music and computing.

Today, gaming has become an activity of both the young and the old. Gone are the days when gaming was considered a “child-thing”. Back in the days mobile phones did not come with games and those that had games, the games were simple and boring. Today, smart phones come with all manner of games. Some of these smart phone games are more complex than those computer games. To enjoy the smart phone games fully, you need to have some gaming accessories. All this extra stuff is going to aid in enhancing the gaming experience by making it as real as possible.

To enjoy gaming on Motorola Droid smart phones, you need good quality accessories designed for gaming. These accessories will change your gaming experience. An example of these state-of-the-art gaming accessories is the universal gaming wheel. The universal wheel is an accessory designed for games that need acceleration e.g. racing games. The Motorola smart phone is attached in a space at the middle of the wheel and all the controls are on the wheel. The gaming wheel brings about realism, accuracy and speed to the game. This wheel, coupled with the smart phone’s big screen, makes you feel like you are in the game.

Another great addition is the shooting gun. This electronic device transmits commands to the phone during shooting games. The connection between the gaming accessory and the smart phone is by use of a cable. In addition, there are audio jacks that help in transmitting shooting sounds. All gamers know that without the aid of the sound system gaming is not that fun. Apart from the stated accessories, the cell phone accessories for Droid 3 also include portable stereo speakers and stereo headphones. Both these accessories help with improving the sound impact of the game.

One more in the list of useful accessories is the Transceiver. This is an electronic device that helps you converse with other parties during games. It won’t be wrong to use the simile of the system of walkie-talkie here, the system here is that only one person can talk at one time. By pressing on a button, you mute the other party to allow you to talk. This way you can enjoy your gaming as well as keep in touch with your friends or other players with whom you are playing. This accessory is best suited for games that deal with augmented reality and adventure games. This real time communication is going to bring life to the gaming experience. The Motorola Droid has a joystick in the list of its accessories as well. The joystick comes with two suction buttons to be attached to the thumbs. Movement is by one thumb while shooting is by the other. This accessory is only compatible with touchscreen phones. Get the screen protector for Droid 2 for the long life of the smart phone’s screen.

The phone is prone to slip during a gaming session. Falling of a smart phone can lead to its permanent damage due to its delicate nature. To ensure maximum protection against all this get your Motorola Droid 4 cover. Wireless accessories for Droid such as Motorola Droid car mounts and Motorola Droid cell phone covers allow you to keep your phone safe under certain circumstances.

Droid razr maxx accessories play an essential role in your phone’s performance. Droid razr maxx batteries and Droid razr maxx chargers provide great ways to keep your phone up and running.

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