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MP3s are usually made for use with headphones and seldom players have a built-in speaker in them. The fact that some people want to listen to music without having headphones or earphones in their ears caused the invention of portable speakers for MP3 players. The result was a huge range of speakers that would be available in the market to make all the different consumers happy.

Although these speakers come in a variety of sizes, they are comparatively smaller in size on an average, thereby providing the convenience of being portable.

The cheaper versions of MP3 player speakers work with replaceable batteries. With the other speakers, you do not have the hassle of regular replacement of batteries. These speakers can be directly charged through the USB port of your computer.

The sound that you get from most of the smaller variety of speakers is not very loud. There is also a limitation of the distance that can be kept between the speakers. Even with these limitations, the MP3 player speakers are a great gadget for use in various locations and situations such as in small gatherings or on the sea beach.

Many portable speakers that are for use with MP3 players have a very small woofer, usually an inch wide. Such a woofer does not need much power, but also provide you with much less bass than a bigger speaker would. Some MP3 players do offer heavier bass with a subwoofer installed. speakers with subwoofers though, are pricier and are larger than a normal portable speaker.

Companies like Creative, Altec Lansing, Sony and Bose are leaders in the market for good portable speakers for MP3 players. These speakers are very suitable if you want to hear your music without headphones so you can walk around and work while listening or just to make your music accessible to a larger audience rather than just one person with earphones.

If you want excellent sound quality, then you have to go for larger sized speakers. These speakers have better bass and sound separation effect than smaller sized speakers. Quite naturally, the price of the speaker increases with the improvement of the quality of sound.

The best source to gather information about various models of portable MP3 player speakers of different manufacturers is the internet. Here you get all the necessary information for purchasing your very own speaker. The shopping websites even allow you to quickly compare the features of the different speakers available in the market.

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