Alex Jose Valenz On September - 16 - 2012

Kindle Fire has been praised not only for its affordability, but also for its interesting features. The new device provides enables users to multi-task and have access to functionalities at great speeds. It also has a color multi touch screen that is ideal for watching high resolution movies and videos.

Amazon has just released their much anticipated tablet, the Kindle Fire. Compared to other tablets in the market, the Kindle Fire has been praised for its pricing. While other tablets sell for as much as $500, you can get your hands on the Kindle Fire for only $199. It has been praised not only for its affordability but also for its other features. Firstly Android applications are run on it; this brilliant feature may be the main cause. This means that you can still enjoy your favorite apps you had on previous version of the Kindle.

Kindle Fire is developed with exciting and drudgery color touch screen size in 7 inch; that is very suitable for high quality images. The high resolution screen enables you to watch videos and access other applications in crystal clear quality. The upgrade technologies of it helps to draw the attention of the viewers. Touch screen is also very fast in using and without any trouble you can access any application on it. It is really simple to use.

The Kindle Fire is attractive to the magazine lovers. The device presents magazines in super rich color. User can read magazine in more clear and attractive appearance without disturbing the quality. Majority of the magazines for the Kindle Fire contain multimedia; the tablet allows you to easily access those multimedia right on your screen. The original Kindle was released mainly for books. With the Kindle Fire, you will be able to easily access millions of books from Amazon store. By using the attractive accessories of Kindle Fire, you can change the appearance of it. For instance, the Kindle Fire HD screen protector not only adds protection to your device but it also adds style to it.

Kindle Fire comes with a new browser known as Silk. This brilliant browser increase the speed along with performance during net browsing. The interesting thing about the Silk browser is that it is cloud accelerated. What this means is that it uses most resources located on Amazon servers instead of using those on the device. This feature allows it to have increased speeds and at the same time conserve battery. Kindle Fire offers free cloud storage. With this feature, you can store files on Amazon servers and have easy access to them without using Kindle’s storage space. With the screen protector for Kindle Fire HD, users do not need to worry about dirt and dust on their screen.

There is dual core processor in the Kindle Fire that helps to operate anything with a great speed. Without slowing this processor is also suitable for multitask. Anyone can use internet and at a time he can listen music, download the video as well as other software.

Apart from books and videos, Kindle Fire also helps to get a lot of music form the Amazon’s Cloud Drive. Amazon’s MP3 store contains more than 17 million songs and you can get it without any problem. Honestly, Kindle Fire receive positive recommendations from the customer for its brilliant features. Users also have the ability to customize the tablet using either a case or the Kindle Fire HD screen protector.

Kindle Fire Hd screen protectors will help protect your tablet. Kindle Fire HD screen protectors will also prevent dirt from ever reaching your screen.

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