Juliee C Barrett On December - 18 - 2012

I started working on a new job, which I considered I would have fun with. On my very first week, some sleazy coworker of mine started harassing me sexually. He understood there was nothing I, as the newbie, could do.

I continued to allow him imagine that he could overpower me. Little did he realize that I had an idea in mind. I checked on the net for options so that I could choose a hidden camera to expose this man for what he was.

In the past, I read an article in which I discovered that surveillance video cameras are useful for watching over occurrences. These are ideal for catching a wrongdoer in the act. Typically, covert cams come in a disguise in order that no one will think they are being monitored.

To record this guy harassing me, I understood I needed a body worn video camera which would let me to record even if I was on the move. Thankfully, I found a selection of small hidden video cameras that would work.

I went with an earpiece video camera DVR. Everyone wears earpieces these days so I figured it was a great disguise. It appeared just like any other Bluetooth earpiece and also got the capability to make both video and also audio recordings, including still images.

Surveillance cameras which have a DVR provide convenience since no installation is needed since they have their very own recording device. Videos may be viewed by linking the camera and a TV using the bundled RCA cable or by inserting the included SD card into its slot on a PC.

I wore my brand new nanny cam to work immediately after buying. My colleague had no idea that he was being filmed for the harassing responses as well as gestures he made. I showed the video footage to my superiors and was relieved when he was let go.

I know that spying on folks is not usually a good thing however, when it comes to your protection, a hidden cam is your best choice. Sexual predators surely have to be put in their place.

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