Jose Strauss On December - 18 - 2012

The Samsung ES8000 Series is really desirable mainly because of its striking design and large set of apparently very sophisticated features, but right after using it for a couple of weeks, I fell back to the basics and I liked the television simply because the picture quality was good, even though it displays some weaknesses in very dark scenes (in a dim viewing room).

Yes, the uniformity of the blacks isnt the good point of this TV set, but in the overwhelming majority of situations, the TV performed admirably with bright, and also accurate colours. A few features like Skype (and the facial-recognition login!) can be quite handy, while some like the voice and motion controls are completely optional in my opinion.

As always, it’s almost impossible to be the best in every scenario, and for this specific line-up, Samsung has selected to be great in design and functions and great in most picture rendering cases.

The Samsung SmartTV feature is the quickest we have seen, and it has advanced considerably since last year. Its wonderful to have Netflix, Hulu and Vudu embedded in the TV set no extra box required. In conclusion, I would say that this is a really good TV that is excellent for pretty much everything, except the brightness uniformity. I wouldnt have any problems suggesting it.

Web browser: browsing the internet is usually difficult on a tv. The majority of sites arent made for HDTVs. Secondly, this is an activity that greatly relies on user input like websites, keyword phrases and navigation (scroll up/down). TVs arent great with that.

The good news is that modern Televisions like this Samsung 8000ES series can render pages correctly, so thats a very good start. The second thing is, the ability to add input tools like mice and computer keyboard could significantly assist those who truly want to have a desktop-like experience.

If you wish to live without having external input devices, there’s a voice dictation option, thanks a lot to the smart remote control, but it is only as great as the voice identification behind it. Lots of website names wont be recognized however well you pronounce them.

I really hope that this review provided you a great sense for how it is to utilize the Samsung UN60ES8000 in the real life.

When you have further inquiries, drop a comment and I will reply whilst I have the TV around. Thanks for visiting my website: Panasonic LED TV.

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