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The gathering became a heated argument and nobody appeared about to surrender. Unless this was solved, everything we had been taking care of would turn to bust. I was suddenly struck by inspiration… Let’s say I taped the whole proceedings after which played it back later on for people to witness how they behaved?

Dashboard cam videos is probably not the most professional for this sort of scenario however seem fitting. I acquired a monitoring camera when I was pursuing my husband on suspicions that he was having an affair. I was supposed to acquire proof using it to present to Sean however was not successful.

It works good for both moving and also still pictures. While it hooks up to the dashboard, the automobile camera can be relocated around easily. Images are clear and it likewise records sound, thus it is useful for impromptu meetings like the one we were having.

Elise, my superior, as well as her counterpart inside the finance department were startled the moment I set the mini DVR high definition car dash video camera on the conference table. I stated the key reason why I desired the session recorded and they calmed down.

An integrated DVR simplifies operation since it is ready to shoot without making use of additional software program or installation. The 8GB memory card can deal with 4.5 hours of recording high-definition images.

Later, all of us could either look at the video footage directly from the 2-inch LCD display or download it towards a laptop computer by inserting the SD card to a card reader attached to the personal computer.

Sizzling tempers cooled, most likely because everything being stated and done was caught by the portable camera and represented evidence that others could use as leverage the minute decision time came up. A photo opportunity arrived at the end, with both parties shaking hands.

I must admit I thought of dashboard camera videos as strictly for spying and investigation by private eyes. But, considering just how successful things later ended up in that crazy meeting, I have realized surveillance videos have more helpful purposes.

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