Beth Jacobson On July - 22 - 2013

When digital music players like the ipod first came on the scene, there were many controversies, as music industry executives all over were fearing that without people purchasing hard copies of music, listeners would be able to get music for free, leaving the profits of an age old business low. A few years later, it’s certainly obvious that the business of music hasn’t broken under the weight of digital music players (iPod), which holds a 90% share of the music player market. Now, it seems though, that another area of the music industry is in fear of its life.

The term “iPod wedding” has been thrown around quite a bit in recent years, and as humorous as the idea may be, it is not referring to putting a ring a digital music player. The term is actually referring to a new trend which many people are saving money on, that happens to be using an ipod in lieu of a wedding DJ or band. The soundtrack to weddings everywhere are now being heard from ipods.

And with the expense of weddings rising, seemingly, every year, who can blame them. To have a live band play at your wedding can cost upward of a thousand dollars, while a DJ can cost less, but not much, at a price tag of about six hundred. For many brides and grooms, the opportunities for cutting financial corners are slim, with many couples unwilling to compromise on other such other wedding essentials as the rings and the brides gown. Setting up your iPod then, with its enormous capacity for storing a huge variety of songs, to take care of your music for the occasion seems to make a whole of sense.

There are a multitude of other advantages to choosing an iPod as your wedding day entertainer. The newly married couple are free to choose precisely the music they want played at their special event, without worrying about the weird and wonderful tastes of a band or DJ. An iPod is also around half the price of a DJ, and as the couple can use it after the wedding for their own personal use, represents a double bargain. With the giving of favors to wedding guests a popular tradition, a wedding iPod is also a wonderful favor for the couple to give themselves, allowing them use and enjoy every day an item that is likely to evoke wonderful memories of a happy day.

The “ipod DJ” can be a great way to save money and provide entertainment for any event. And as powerful a tool as the ipod is, wedding bands and DJ’s should definitely not throw in the towel yet. The music business hasn’t been killed by the ipod yet, and never will. There will always be enough weddings happening everywhere with a big enough budget to support DJ’s and all the working musicians.

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