Power tools

One area which cannot be ignored is that of the power-assisted tool. It is quite possible to manage without any but the addition of a few power tools will greatly simplify and speed up many jobs. Don't be too ambitious at the outset, but add or change as you gain experience.

Power drill This is an invaluable help, and if you can afford it buy one with variable speed. This will help you drill holes in most materials quickly and neatly. It can also be fitted with a sanding disc, sanding drum or flap wheel for cleaning and smoothing surfaces.

Other attachments are available for a power drill, and your local tool shop will be pleased to show you these. But if you can afford it, buy one or two integral power tools where each tool has its own motor. This is by far the most efficient way of doing a job � and you don't have to keep changing attachments.

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Hire tools

There may be occasions where it just isn't cost effective to buy tools which may only be needed once or twice. In such situations it may well be wise to hire what you need from a local hire shop. They will be pleased to supply you with a leaflet giving terms of hire and costs per day and week. Bear in mind that it is cheaper if you can arrange to collect and return the items borrowed yourself. And it is most important to plan your work so you don't keep the items longer than necessary.

The variety of equipment available is extensive, including concrete mixers, steam wallpaper strippers, damp-proof course injectors, insecticide sprays, heavy duty power tools, ladders and scaffolding, roof ladders � and a whole range of garden equipment including cultivators and flame guns.

As a beginner you may feel much of the equipment mentioned is at present beyond your scope. Even so it is worth knowing of its existence for those occasions when you could call on the assistance of someone more experienced.

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