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<WEDOTECH/> is a video game, tech, & film review journal that isn’t frightened to put their true feelings on the line. Distancing themselves from the typical standards of reviews. The WDT team engage in social media, video projects and original written script ideas taking a heavy focus upon the crem-de-la-creme of talented video creators and comedic writers. Our reviewing team are personalities in themselves and have forged their own followings before the project had even began. WEDO Network plan to expand upon their already talented team of individuals by sourcing the very best in underground talent that do not conform to journalism’s ‘suit and tie’ standard’s that live in the dark ages.

James Joell-Ireland | Twitter: wedotech
Editor & Podcast Host
James focuses core attention on ensuring everything runs smoothly with the website. Often found reviewing a game or working on a video James not only runs core administration of the website but is constantly looking at new social media avenues and exposing the WeDoTech name to all new areas. Outspoken, raw and unforgiving, James has garnered a fiesty reputation amongst peers. With a strong belief that videogame journalism needs critics unbound by corporate pressure, you’ll often find if its a bad game the content will be brutal and high in comedic value. James also spends time updating the website’s Twitter alongside setting up exciting new features to the website. Lastly, James isn’t camera shy in the slightest, pushing out over 250 videos in less than a year with the number rising daily. Have you heard his football commentary? It’s that of legend.

Stephen Joell-Ireland | Twitter:
Public Relations & Sales
The man responsible for company contact on a daily basis. Steve deals with advertising enquiries, review copy requests, press releases, mailing lists. He’s basically the office bitch, but credit where it is due. If you need access somewhere, he’ll get you there. Steve is also the co-founder of the website and loves travelling to events around the country. Whilst Steve doesn’t play a great deal of games, he does love his films and gadgets. Steve is also responsible for ensuring that we get the juiciest of prizes to give away to you, our viewers. Steve also is a video presenter at live events for WEDOTECH whilst specialising in geek sheek and mobile technologies.

Dean Case | Twitter: DeanCMusic
Staff Writer & Web/Graphics
Dean joined the website around the beginning of October 2009 and proceeded to cover the MCM Expo and Eurogamer Expo’s last year. Dean has a keen eye for graphics design and is invaluable in making sure that the website looks aesthetically pleasing. Dean is apparently our resident chav of the team who keeps us supplied with cheap cider and cigarettes. Although relatively new to writing about games, Dean is becoming an accomplished writer whom will no doubt improve consistently the longer the website is running. Dean also doesn’t have much luck with his consoles, with his Sony PS3 getting the YLOD rendering him unable to play games for nearly a month. Don’t worry though, he’s back! Dean also writes interesting editorial content either via collaboration or single-handedly and played a part in WeDoTech’s most successful story this year to date, regarding Halo Reach.

Matt Fitzgerald | Twitter: kiffar
US Correspondent
Raw and uncut, Matt was sourced from Twitter after covering E3 2009. Matt will be bringing us the latest vibe from the USA and covering US based events whilst bringing us high calibre reviews for both Xbox 360, PS3 and iPhone. Matt has a big following on Twitter for being honest, no hold barred and will give his opinions irrespectible regardless who it is about. You can rest assure that any review will be the most honest and transparant and brutally to the point. Matt though fairly new to writing brings a refreshing alternative prose that is both interesting and engaging. Follow him on Twitter and start pissing yourself laughing.

Dave Turcotte | Twitter: IronFury51488
Game Reviewer & Podcast regular
Dave Turcotte is a guy who, quite frankly, hasn’t realized that it’s been nearly 20 years that the NES or Sega Genesis were relevant consoles. Allegedly born with an NES controller attached to his umbilical cord, he lives and breathes everything retro. Even though he calls himself “IronFury” on Youtube, we’re not exactly sure why as he is not made of iron nor is he ever really furious. Either way, this strange cat seems to fit in nicely with the crew as their “go to” guy for retro gaming. When he’s not incoherently rambling about Super Mario Bros. 3 to random strangers he will make constant references to it in the weekly podcast.

Tom McKeating | Twitter: Vincenzo1812
Tech & iPhone Afficiondo
Tom joined the website with the ‘Tech’ in mind. He loves everything with a micro processor in it. Lately for Tom has been specialising in reviews for iPhone games. Tom is also a regular on the Games Night podcast and has a ponchant for Football Manager and Pokemon. Tom is also a Carlisle supporter evening out the already too many Man Utd supporters that work for WDT. Tom is often found on Twitter talking about every football match that happens to be on Sky Sports and will no doubt be a sports commentator if for some bizarre reason WEDO Network branches out into the world of sports.

Simon Elliott | Twitter: GamerGeezer
Videographer & Puppet Master
From the catacombs of Manchester comes ‘The Gamer Geezer’ direct and straight to the point Simon Elliott is one of the up and coming intellectual properties in the YouTube gaming community and we’re glad to have him around pushing out some hilarious reviews for WDT. Simon can often be found with his hand up his puppets arse making a mockery of some of the worst games in the business and offering praise where games deserve it. Raw, edgey and full of Lulz Simon has came in to fill the gap of videographer and provide some much needed visual clout to the website. We recommend that you don’t eat or drink anything when watching a review by ‘The Gamer Geezer’ otherwise your insurance premium may go up on a new HD monitor.

David Breach | Twitter: TiboltDaluka
Game Reviews & Programming
He can program some fantastic code and write a decent review too. David joined WDT in April 2010 to help bring WDT forward into their first year online. David can often be found reading copious amounts of Terry Pratchett and has shamefully invested countless hours into Discworld MUD since 2002. This has left David with a good imagination what with the videogame being text based and you can tell from just reading his opening works that his style is very natural. David is also a VB code whore and has been helping develop WDT’s mammoth industry contact database.

Other Contributers

Scott Davis - Halo Universe
Alex Witney - Freelancer

Gone but not forgotten…

David McMurdo - David has moved on to focus on his personal projects. You can check his website out at (Domain possibly subject to change)

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